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hello and happy sunday guys! hope you’re winding down a great weekend. it’s been a day of rest around here and that was both needed, good and lazy. best of all i had time to surf and started looking through the day’s loot. you never know what you collected till the end of the session and see it all together.


there was so much pretty stuff i pretended to make a little apartment for myself.


please indulge me and enjoy a tour!



















well it was great having you over and so it’s off to bed. we have a crazy busy day with an early am call time tomorrow. lots of grunt work but still i’m looking forward to it.  and now, have a good night and a great monday!

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a random order

hi guys! i’m out of hibernation for the next few minutes! it’s been a very long time since i had any time to myself and just made a deadline so now i can sit back for a minute. as much as i avoided blogging, it’s the first place i run when there is time to spare!

this post is just a random bunch of pictures i came across just now. when you’re surfing pinterest you never know what you’ll get.

but you get what you need so there must be some magic at work.

well there goes the phone

and i have to go fax something before the end of the day.

but i just wanted to stop but and freshen up.

the pic of my office was torturing me!

thank god there’s always fresh inspiration!

i’ve tried taking shots of my place but they never come out like i want

still i may do a little house tour tomorrow and celebrate some new flowers

till then, i bid you, my darling friends, adieu!

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let’s do lunch

hi all! just coming up for air with all the hopes in the world for a great morning of blogging fun. somehow it’s 1:30 in the afternoon and i’m heading out to unpack the shipment from the ny show that just arrived at the warehouse. since i missed our breakfast, i thought a picnic lunch may be in order? hope to see you for supper!

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