groovin on a sunday afternoon


good morning and happy sunday! how’s your weekend going? i hope things are going well in your world. i’m heading to the flea market to try out my new camera. it’s a lot getting used to all the controls, let alone the exposures, f-stops, focal lengths, aperture, shutter speed and all the things my other cameras didn’t  have.  (at least not on auto  :) anyway it’s time for a real camera and i’m excited to play with it. i’ll take some shots around the house once i get the settings down.


these were trials. this week i’ll be shooting things that are up for sale, vignettes to show how we’re using them in real life. we’re now selling on lots of portals (besides the paris apartment’s boutique) the buttons and links are to the right on the blog side bar. have you been to hunter’s alley? it’s one king’s lane’s sister site and they put together the best features on the web so you can sell, pin, like, favorite, share etc. it’s a lot of fun! next is etsy and of course one king’s lane itself. we have a tastemaker tag sale coming up in the spring, so more about that soon. in the meantime, check out what we’ve been up to!


last but not least, it’s time to announce the winner of last week’s giveaway  for the original book, The Paris Apartment. drumroll…#26, Bridget Boyle. congratulations!  i wish i had more copies to give away. a new one is coming soon so we’ll just have to do it again. thank you for all your sweet comments, they mean a lot to me!


last but not least, i’ve been meaning to get this next giveaway going for quite awhile. the author, jan dolphin, was kind enough to send two editions of her compilation of books called ‘Paris from the Heart’.  they’re lovely paperbacks with great color photos and info on walking tours, day trips and escapades around paris. if you’re interested, leave a comment and we’ll draw TWO winners this week.


IMG_5591 IMG_5594 IMG_5595

well it’s sunny so i better get out there. have a great rest of the weekend, today is just getting started and they days seem to fly by! have fun!

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from here to eternity

miami-beach TPA

good morning and happy sunday all! it’s a bright and early morning and another chance to have a great day. sometimes that means lounging around and other times it’s getting out into the world and exploring. i came across this montage yesterday and it’s been on my mind ever since. there really is nothing like traveling is there?

it cures what ails us, sheds a different light on the world, makes our problems seem trivial and connects us in a way that only being there can do. i know myself well enough to know that wanderlust is coming on strong and maybe it’s time to book a trip.  do you have plans this summer?




well so, even if we stay in one place we can still create something out of nothing! have a beautiful day where ever you go!

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nothing i would rather do

good morning mes chers amis! it’s a gorgeous brisk day in nyc. i came in last night to spend the weekend with friends and family.


we’ve been in and out all morning getting the apartment cosy and stocked.


for the next little while i’m gonna just do what i wanna do which is chill and say hi.


(tulip fields in holland above and below)


i’m enjoying having a clean slate for a minute.


i spent some time between emails on pinterest and have been checking out the likes i’ve been saving 


you know how the likes are…no real home and rarely looked over. anyway here are a few non sequitur shots from today.

apparently i’m feeling color


anyway now it’s not morning anymore and it was when i started this so it’s time to get back to reality. and so, tomorrow. till then i bid you adieu. have a glorious day!

ps thought you’d enjoy this!


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