whirlwind weekend wrap-up

hey guys, happy monday. i’m back in the states after a worthwhile impromptu weekend in paris that sounds a lot more glam than it was since it was all biz.

i have to thank madelyn from paris perfect vacation rentals for hooking me up with the sweetest little pied-à-terre, pomerol in the 7e at the last minute.

i’ve mentioned madelyn before but just so you know, if you ever need a great contact in paris, she’s american, her hubby is a french surgeon and together they are just the people to know when you’re in town.

she’ll bend over backwards for you on every level. all her apartments have a view of the eiffel tower, lots of hot water, heat, mod kitchens and baths and in the summer, a/c. she knows what americans like but still keeps the spirit of a real paris apartment.

she has a way of making you feel super special like you’re an old family friend. thanks madelyn for making this little trip happen on the fly. hope i see you all there soon!

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switching it up

wow paris has been a whirlwind to say the least. we’ve been up one side and down the other. between the fleas and the maison objet, i’ve been working with madelyn of paris perfect to check out some of her other apartments and move around a bit. we spent the past couple days in this magnificent flat near the bon marche. it has two beautiful bedrooms and all the trimmings we girls could ask for. they call it the valencay, and it’s very dramatic with lots of color and style in a fantastic location:  Valencay Paris apartment rental

but as fate would have it, the apartment was booked for the second part of our trip so we’re switching over. we all seem to be the sorts who don’t mind packing up treking to another place and i must say, our nomad spirit paid off. we are in the most gorgeous place yet, the musigny. this one is near the louvre and the montorgeuil market and has everything we could ask for from pretty bedrooms to le grand salon and impeccable baths.

Musginy luxury Paris rental

i could go on with mere words but i’ll let the pics tell the story. i think i’ve hit my daily limit of verbage and better hit the hay, tomorrow is another jour including the blogger meet up at deux maggots. if you’re in town, please do come! more soon!

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paris is perfect

allo toute le monde!  i never get tired of this city and the more i come, the more i see the less i know. mb came with a list of recommendations from friends and more than half i’ve never heard of! we’re currently enjoying a hood i haven’t spent much time in, the 7e which is the eiffel tower area. to say we have a killer view is an understatement and the rest of the apartment isn’t too shabby either.

i’m working with my colleague, madelyn who runs an incredible apartment rental service, paris perfect.com. the girls and i are staying at Calvados vacation rental in Paris and visited  some of her other gorgeous apartments including the  St. Amour Paris apartment and a couple others. i can only post a few each day cause any blogger worth her salt knows what goes in to resizing, cropping, editing and posting photos! i’ll be sharing more throughout the week but wanted to post these today.

the apartments are warm and welcoming, as are madelyn (an american) and her husband philippe (he’s french), and have fantastic baths and kitchens, impeccable towels and linens and some of my favorite touches is the artwork. these old watercolor perfume ads send me! can you tell i was obsessed? i wonder if she’d miss them?

if you’re a flea lover you’ve probably seen gloves like these, i love the way madelyn displayed them here.

mad’s got impeccable taste, toile bedspreads, dual color silk curtains, marble fireplaces and original chandeliers.

the place is calling us to have a dinner party but so far we’re all sitting around the table with laptops pretending we’re playing battleship.

of course, who wouldn’t want to cook in this kitchen? it’s calling our name but i have to say we’ve got to get out cause it’s almost 10 and we girls need to eat!

before we head out i thought i’d take you through st. amour, another sweet pied a terre that’s the perfect crash pad with great feng shui and the perfect decor.

if you’re coming to town, these are both great options, each sleeps 4 comfortably. i highly recommend both of them. but wait till you see what we visited today! i’d post them but you know i have way too many photos to edit!

so i’ll leave you with these and head out before everyone kills me for blogging instead of eating! more soon!

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