, how appropos


bonjour friends, how are you? i miss you and feel so out of touch what with getting this trip together. it’s been all consuming. i admit i do things on the fly and expect great things but it was getting pretty scary there for a sec even for me.


it’s been tricky finding something great on short notice and waking up in a panic is no fun. but miracles do happen, just wait till you see what’s up! i hit the tip of infinity! (more on that later :)


i’ll be in four apartments throughout the trip! i’m looking foward to it cause they’re in different neighborhoods. i’ll just pack light and be ready to jet. it’s not like i have a lot to bring! (maybe i’ll get some scarves and advice from liz)



i’m staying with one of my favorite apartment services, I love Paris Apartments run by Porter Scott who among many things is also a gifted writer. i love reading his descriptions of the apartments and their histories.


we met a few years ago and clicked right off the bat. i thought of him as my male counterpart cause somehow he was just like me. well, maybe not me yet, but he’s into antiques, does tours, restorations, property management, real estate sales, and runs the company overseeing all of these beautiful apartments.


his collection is in the 1st through 6th arrondissements, right in the middle of everything but all tucked away on tiny side streets and courtyards. you know the big doors we all love? they’re back there!



st andre



i think he has a dream job! anyway he couldn’t be nicer or more helpful, i know because i test him all the time :)


each apartment is immaculate and has just what’s needed.


and each has its own personality after a few hundred years.




yet some seem as new as morning dew.



i’ve seen a few of these in person and hope to visit even more to shoot and include in the book.

you really have to go through them all on the site, it’s a great resource.




this is the one i’ll be staying in for my first few days (below).



fact is, they’re all real gems.

he even has a place in the loire valley that looks really inviting for a summer trip.


it’s both cozy and classic



Thanks, Porter for always being there!

To inquire about an apartment or for more information regarding services including:

  • Relocation Conferences, Publications & Consulting
  • Property Purchase Consulting, Search and Identification Services
  • Property Renovation, Antiques and Furnishing
  • Property Rental Management
  • Antique Market Tours and Buying Trips
  • Select Antiques for Sale

Contact Porter Scott, Manager in Paris

ok well that’s it for tonite. it’s almost midnuit and it’s my b’day tomorrow so gotta get some zzz’s. sweet dreams!

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what am i doing here?


when i should be working? saying a quick hello. hello!


hey guys! i’ve had guests for a few days so it’s been beyond hectic. in those four days everyone’s changed their travel plans!




trying to book this trip has kept me on my toes to say the least.



at first the search was for a 4 bedroom, then 3


truth is i was worried more about the other people’s accommodations than my own!


so now i’m the one without a home in paris yet. how typical is that. i’m like the cobbler cliché.


well these are a couple of contenders but it’s still up in the air. with april in paris still so popular, i’ll probably still have to switch apartments. that part i don’t mind.


i don’t mind any of it, the search, the book research, the pics! but it is cutting it close and i do have the rest of my life to live.


oooh i get weak over turquoise as you know!


these are some more of the apartments we’re going to shoot for the book.


this is the one i’ll most likely get, god willing:



don’t ask me why but i love this room. i’ll get linens at the flea.


this wonderful site is one i’ve recommended over the years on my shopping page. they’re going to be selling the apartments so i’m not sure how much longer this will be up.


going through the pics tonight reminded me how beautiful this place is.





well, i just wanted to check in and share some pretty pics of my cyber excursions.

the days are passing quickly so it’s back to work on itineraries, the sample chapter, arranging the girl project and countless other chores on my self imposed to do list including finding something to wear!

if you’re free to kick back and surf, have a great night and happy sunday!

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giving in to my weakness


why is it that i feel guilty when i blog? like i should be doing other things. like work work and more work!


well truth be told i wish this was my work, it’s my favorite place to be, discovering your blogs, amazing sites, creative minds and well, getting to travel through infinity at any given moment.


truth is i have a lot to do cause the paris trip is coming up and i’m trying to make tons of things happen at once.


should i get into it? probably not right now so i’ll make this post a working one, to save my notes on how it’s all goin’ down. if, god willing, it even does.


so it will be evolving. geez, i see how much i already have to label! one of the projects besides hosting clients is working on a book! that’s right, i said it! it’s about real apartments in paris and we’ll be going behind a lot of apartment doors.


i guess what still fascinates me about paris apartments is that they have that je ne sais quoi. ok not all, but so many have it with so little effort. the above and below are just from a random craigslist swap for paris/ny.


so is this one


i’m looking for a 3 bedroom apartment cause 4 of us will be sharing it off and on between the 9th and 27th.



pretty deamy


i love this linen trend with the box that’s ever evolving.


yum, these wide ones really get me! this is what i mean about effortless. these rooms speak volumes with next to nothing in them! then again there is that ever present view out of the iron out the window. there’s some kind of magic in that…


i’ll keep an eye out for these linens while i’m there. ok back to it for moi! mwah to vous!

oh and ps, the flights are looking really good today! via cheapoair.



just heard from my other clients, a family, and they’re confirmed so now i have to bite the bullet and really go. besides, this is madame’s wish list: a bed, mirror, ship chandelier, linen, linens, sideboard, chest, small tables! how could i resist? it’ll be great to see paris again. judging from the solid hotel and apartment bookings, paris will never suffer from a lack of admirers who keep coming back for more. guilty!

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