friends in the city

bonjour ma chere amis, ça va? it’s been awhile and i hope you’re winding down your summer. i’m working in paris right now for a few weeks and am staying in a beautiful apartment i’d love to share with you.

it’s not only gorgeous but i’d like to introduce you to who’s behind it.

when i’m in town i stay with my friends Paris Perfect. i say friends because staying at their flats is truly like having a friend in the city. one of the things i’m working on while in town is interviewing some of my favorite people who make the city great. i know you’ll love the founder, Madelyn Willems and she’s going to be one of the first interviews i’ll be posting.

not only does she have exquisite taste, but the apartments are completely updated with all the modern conveniences yet she’s kept the charm of a traditional paris apartment whenever possible. (i adore these pressed flowers that she got at the paris flea market above).

the kitchen has everything from a traditional and convection oven to a dishwasher, microwave and coffee machine (not to mention they’re stocked with a welcome bottle of wine, milk and oj)!

the bathrooms are completely renovated with spectacular state of the art tiles and fixtures (again, not to mention, heated towel racks, washer and dryer, and their own line of delicious smelling soap, shampoo and conditioner)!

i’m staying in the Beaujolais, which is a two bedroom that sleeps 6 people (there’s a pullout sofabed in each apartment). it features two bathrooms so there’s plenty of room and privacy.

as we learn more about Madelyn i’ll share some of her story with you from how she got started to what she has planned for the future. as an american it probably hasn’t been an easy road for her, especially dealing with the bureaucracy of paris renovating 90 apartments! she is truly a force to be reckoned with and someone i admire greatly for her perseverance, dedication and attention to detail.

et alors, i have clients in the morning and it was hard enough tearing myself out of bed today (yes she even has her own line of butter soft sheets) so i better get to bed.

more coming soon, but for now, bonne nuit!

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it’s gonna take some time

my sister in law jean took this shot when we went to paris together, just the two of us! we stayed in a gorgeous paris apartment called Cognac, in the Paris Perfect roster of fantastic flats. she turned me on to one king’s lane and i was hooked right in. fast forward i was buying as a tastemaker hosting a tag sale (which is why went on that trip). that sale led to escorting the owner to paris on a shopping excursion to the flea markets in paris and warehouses in the countryside, just beyond the city limits. nothing could have prepared us for the treasure trove my friend, stephan, (whose family is 3 generations in at the flea market) unveiled that weekend.

above is the plan for the annual trip. i had high hopes to go back this year and do a summer tour, maybe knock around without a plan for a bit while working on some projects. friends will be traveling too and it was bound to be a grand ‘ol time.

but then today happened. another attack in paris. my heart breaks for the the lives lost. and it also aches for lost days of innocence. the days we roamed without a care through the streets of gay paree. i’m sure paris has seen more than her share of tragedies and this pain too shall pass. so here and now i promise never to lose my  joie de vivre and eternal love i have for that city. no one will ever terrorize me into abandoning her, now more than ever.  sending all my love tonight. xo

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life as we know it


79ideas_beautiful_home_in_paris (1)

very few things are predictable in life but one that remains constant is the endless supply of apartment porn in paris. how are you doing tonight? 79ideas_beautiful_parisian_home_kitchen

i’ve been crazy busy at a boutique show all day working with the buyers from Désirant for their store in asheville, NC, and couldn’t be having more fun on the job.


but after 12 hours i’m just getting home and about to crash. then i remembered that it’s just too easy not to do this little post each day so here we are! so without further ado, today’s bookmark~

and so to bed, good night!

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