jupiter aligned with mars


hey guys, happy thursday. what do you have planned for the weekend? i hope a whole lotta nada or major productivity, whichever you prefer! i’m about to have a full house so it will be hard to get back here much.  these last couple hours of solitude are going way too quick! i had to come by, regroup and keep track of what’s happening.

it’s been a whirlwind putting the trip itinerary together. there are so many connections between all these incredible women that have happened in one split second. i want to remember the path as it’s wonderful circle of friends and i had no idea it existed.


over the past couple years i’ve met up with some of my blog buds and have always wanted to meet with others. sharon, for example. we briefly met at the bloggers’ cocktail party in paris but didn’t get to chat much. but we kept in touch a bit and i always loved her site. turns out she’a the local brocante expert and also knows melanie.  check out her site, her life and photos are pure soul food!


is this even real? she gives brocante tours so keep her as a reference if you’re in the provence area. and that’s not all.

PHOTO: hipparis-normandy

turns out my girl erica from haven in paris has been antiquing with her in normandy and they had a ball:


mimi of belle inspiration (another blog bud turned hard core friend)!  mimi has been giving my flea market tours when i’m not in paris and is my soldier on the ground.

ok well that’s officially full circle and would be enough but i’m sure it’s going to get even thicker!


this image was taken by dash who is in the region now.  well, it’s getting late and i officially better jet. have a great rest of your night!

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