powder puff girls

ala-parisienne.com in the boutique

hi all! how’s your week going? it’s hard to believe but we’re still going strong. i think tomorrow will be the last of it. whew! of course lots of other thing are going on, not the least of which is this gorgeous photo that we’re adding to the boutique taken by mandy of a la parisienne. i love the way she coated the powder on; so thick and decadent!


i wasn’t sure why i love powder puffs so much till tonight.  it hit me how we used to pluck them at the stem right off the mimosa tree at my grandmom’s house. we powder-puffed all the live long day. those were the days. these are too! hope you’re having a great night and sweet dreams!

April 4, 2012. Mimosa Tree, Photography. 13 comments.