living in color

bonsoir guys, ça va? it’s 1:00 am and i have an early morning at the fleas again. before i turned in i wanted to finish my obsession at the show for the bright colors. i’m trying not to post too much from the show with a piece coming out next week, but i just can’t help it, i want to share it now!

amazing that as garish as it can get, you can still find these brights in nature.

i’ll get to labeling and linking soon. tonight it’s dreamland or bust!

September 17, 2011. Maison et Objet, Paris. 8 comments.

bursts of color


bon journee guys, i’m off to meet clients and friends at the flea this weekend but didn’t want the show to go by without giving a little review of what was there. i’m putting together something much more complete but today it’s just a bit of what struck me as one of the strongest elements and that was color. i’ll come back and label things after the markets cause i don’t want to be the one who’s late so better dash. til then, enjoy a splash of color and more soon!

September 17, 2011. Bright Color, Maison et Objet, Paris. 7 comments.

light and levitation

i’ll post the artist’s link when i come back from dinner!

hey guys ~ i’ve been pretty bad about blogging but finally have what’s due turned in for the most part. i’ve been catching up on work and organizing the photos, a job in itself!

i wish i could post right now but i have to head out. by the by, last night we hit a super funny french theater act en anglais. we laughted our arses off! how to become parisian in on hour 

so i’m getting foot tapping cause the sun is shining…

gotta go!

two pics by the theater for good measure…i detest graffiti but can’t help but shoot it when it see it~

September 16, 2011. Maison et Objet, Paris. 5 comments.

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