never can say goodbye

hi guys, ca va? all’s well here, just a lot going on. whenever i get back to blogging it seems like i’m still at the tip of the iceberg of the maison objet recap but there was just so much! still, i’m determined to go thru it. so in keeping it organized, tonight’s post covers a couple favorite categories starting with porcelain.

there was a lot of white and cream, i was drawn to how much of it was handmade, with uneven glazes, really tactile and wanting to be held.

playful curves

simplicity; porcelain ceramic, white glazed pots that look like cans

lace pressed into the clay decorating edges of dishes and cups

super delicate and original.

i’m in love with french wood floors so it was great to see traditional styles able to be installed easily with big wooden floor tiles.

different finishes. some are salvaged from old floors and reclaimed wood, making each one unique.

and mixing woods

floors really set the tone.

there were lots of nods to the past in hardware and details. these too were hand forged and were really special and unique.

these little hand made birch nightstand cabinets had clustered gem handles made of coral and amethyst.

lighting was simple, also with a handmade feel

not too serious


and moderne

don’t get me started on the wall art! ok well i better go, i have to be out tomorrow at the crack of dawn.

when i get back i may just wrap up the rest of this show and put er to bed! till then, sweet dreams and enjoy your night!

October 21, 2011. Maison et Objet, Paris. 10 comments.

it’s all in the details

hey guys, happy friday! i’m blogging in the middle of the day, woo hoo! my goal is to tackle the rest of the show in paris. there was so much, mon dieu!

today i’m going thru the textiles. here’s a recap of some of my favorite things in the bedding department~

for me it was a study in simplicity and all the details that go into making it seem so simple.

smocking, hand stitching, classic design, natural fibers and mixing materials were what i seemed to gravitate to.

uneven smocking,  tiny details

one side cotton velvet and the other linen

classic stitches, hand sewn and raw edges

linen comforter with hand-stitched  silk velvet edge

silk and linen comforters

hand stitched cotton toile quilt

ditzy french florals

exacting hand sewn edges on linen scallops

stiff raw linen scallops

italian hand knotted fringe

supersoft linen

linen by the yard

vintage linen was available too

unfinished edges on raw linen ruffles

linen curtains

simple engineering

bright colors, ancient patterns from tibet, the himalayas, polynesian islands and india.

these blankets were one of a kind and and i kept finding them throughout the show. i’m only realizing now how much i wanted so many of them!

vintage fabrics

happy, deconsttucted and playful

and the details were simply marvelous! ok well i better get going, more soon! have a great weekend!

October 7, 2011. Maison et Objet. 12 comments.

on with the show

allo cheries, how’s life?  seems like forever since i’ve been able to sit back and enjoy blogging. seems no matter how much i tried to keep up with work while i was away, it was just impossible. toss in a couple deadlines for articles and it’s a recipe for vegging instead of blogging.

still, i wanted to get back to the dang maison et objet show recap. if i don’t do it now i never will. i’ve seen the photos a million times but you haven’t.  so i hope you enjoy another day of trends. are you over it yet? there’s still more!

i hoped to have the links up but still have not busted in to the stack of cards and papers but i promise i will. till then, some trends!

meshy chain curtains


green walls for indoor rooms

indoor vertical gardens in pockets

simplicity, ingenuity

oversized. natural. dramatic

technology fun

something about houndstooth

was in the air

and lots of linen

authentic, intricate tiles


byzantine, moroccan, pompeiian designs

cut leather


meticulous finishes

on edges

ok well that’s officially it for tonite. i could go on but i’ll finish up tomorrow with textiles and handmade accessories and stuff. good night!

October 7, 2011. Maison et Objet. 9 comments.

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