louis’ lovely ladies


hi friends! i know it’s pretty cold for so many right now so i hope you’re tucked in warm and cozy tonite!

yesterday i started cleaning off my desktop and was happy to see you enjoyed it. today i started working on some of the folders. so many of the images aren’t hi res so they can’t go to print. soooo the next best thing is to share them with you! i wish i could figure out how to get them to blow up when you click but it seems like wordpress may have changed that feature.


so tonite it’s louis icart, one of my favorite artists. he captured moments of contemplation,







and anyone who loves dogs, well…


he painted women so delicately but still kept them strong


i have tons more so if you like him too let me know and i’ll finish up that folder tomorrow!


for tonight, stay dreamy


don’t work too hard


and enjoy your friends in person or on their blogs! love you!! xoc

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i have a dream


and don’t want to wake up from the state i’m in. still feeling the effects, still making plans to go deeper. funny when you travel, you never know what’s going to come of it. for me it seems i found a new passion in affordable real estate. no one believed me that there were apartments for about 150,000 euros available in the heart of paris. ( i happen to be a bargain huntress despite my lust for finery) . going thru my pics from the trip i see i was definitely out to prove them wrong. i wish i could buy them all and start my own little paris apartment biz right now, but if i can’t, maybe you can!?

this is what got me started, imagining a little place to call chez moi…


i started obsessing and searching out agencies in all the different neighborhoods.


this is just the tip of the iceberg!


you’ll have to excuse my pics, they were taken thru windows


i mean take your pick!








this one below is the most expensive topping 200g’s but hey, it’s so cute, it’s worth the little extra! happy hunting!!


oh and of course i have to throw in my bit of parsian gaiety wherever i can find it. i spent time with my nieces who were dressed as pirates for a local parade. to me they looked like they were ready to have their portraits painted in 1740’s france! yes, i know, auntie claudie is suffering from dimentia!! somebody stop me!


oh and politically:


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you can take the girl out of Paris…


ok so i’m from jersey, what can i say? maybe i was there in another life with you all? maybe we stormed the bastille or lived at versailles? whatever it is i’m happy we all share this passion for paree!

don’t worry, i won’t stop posting pics from the trip. i did take them for the books but it’s such a long arduous process and so much more fun to show YOU!


for now tho, back in nyc, figuring out what to do with the store and just seeing life from a new perspective. i never imagined 30 days would make such a difference but hopefully i’ll keep some of the more imp’t things i learned. today it’s how everyone was on their bikes: they don’t ride the wrong way, don’t talk on the phone, stop at the lights, blah blah blah…i’m gonna try that!


so my readjustment time is pretty much wearing off, but i’m determined to use my camera here and find beauty or things that remind me wherever i can. and if i squint i can avoid ny’s roadkill and pretend i’m you know where…


this is on 8th street, st marks…what a difference a flower would make!…here’s a few from paris for inspiration!






ca va for now!

oh by the by, i won this from my wonderful blogging friend, Joy. It was waiting for me when i got home and as fate would have it, i have just the person for it. so joy, know that this is going to a friend in need. i think it really will cheer her up so thank you!


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