quel difference a day makes

allo everybody! how is your summer going? it seems to be whizzing past and i’m still playing catch up with a lot of business stuff. even as i write this it’s fleeting cause i have a phone meeting in 15 minutes and have to prepare PDQ.  i just wanted to say hello and give a quick update.

thanks to liz for putting together the new table/desk so she has a real workstation and even if it’s temporary, makes life more civilized. it’s been hard to commit to furniture but the one thing we seem to be doing is getting pieces that serve two functions like the table/desk, sofa/guestbeds, cocktail table/bench.

even with all the stuff we’ve amassed it still looks bare and a little pathetic but it’s home sweet home. chairs are next!

it’s been up and down around here from one day to the next in terms of what we’re accomplishing, and for the first time i almost gave up yesterday. but today’s a new day and it seems a bit brighter.

i don’t know if you remember liz’s house in surfside but she had some amazing pieces. she’s downsizing and has a couple of my personal faves on ebay. her auctions are ending tomorrow so in case you’re interested please take look at her stuff. actually i’d love to have some myself including the tufted stool and the mirrored chest behind it.

not to mention her collection of white hatboxes and suitcases!


finally, oh crud, the phone is ringing, 3 minutes early! this is a storefront that’s available here in miami. i’m seriously considering taking it with a couple of girlfriends and creating a salon/atelier. more on that tomorrow i guess, sweet dreams for now!

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what’s beyond the horizon

hi guys! it’s been a while but i needed to retreat, get down and just work. blogging would have taken the last ounce of energy i had and that was needed for sleeping! i know my blog buds know what i mean  :)

i’ve been at it till the wee hours just to keep my head above water  for way too long but thankfully those days are over. there’s light at the end of the chunnel where days are not spent chasing UPS (and my own tail) and i can get back to ma vie!

liz and i just wrapped another full day and found this shot in an old notebook and i thought you’d get a kick out of it.  it was a shoot we did with elle magazine at my store in nyc.  a truly magical day, now a million miles away.  makes me think about where i want to go in the future with tpa. traveling of course tops the list! now that we’re tackling the business side we can get creative and start to put the next trip together!

well a girl’s gotta eat, so off i go to catch a sunset and a salad. have a great night and dreams of a bright future to you!

June 9, 2011. Living, Liz. 18 comments.

every little thing

hi guys, i hope you’re having a great weekend! it’s really early sunday morning and i’m about to head out for a road trip but wanted to post this real quick. we were busy yesterday building a wardrobe from ikea and painting the headboard. i was going for the gold but liz was totally against it and besides, i already had white high gloss. i was in an easy mood so like many decorating decisions, it was chosen by default which is sometimes best. anyway everything in florida things should be light and airy, n’est pas?

now with the armoire there’s tons of storage with shelves and drawers. and the cream glossy  lacquer doors thrill me!


well this was about as un-memorial day a post i could have done so before i go, want to thank all those who serve or have served in our military. come home safe and soon! have a great day everyone!

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