celebrating a staycation



hi guys, happy memorial day weekend! it’s been weird weather around the country so i hope you’re getting a bit of well deserved sunshine. i’m making this long weekend one of complete RnR, turning off the tv, the phone, and even the lights. when it’s dark, enough is enough.


(yoga-before-sleep) of course, i did manage to get some pinterest time in which is where i got the shots to illustrate my fantasy weekend. reality may not be as pretty as this but it’s as much fun!


(2163427259)  my alone time has given me a chance to swim,


(38702878020631302) catch up on reading,


(shooting-in-manual) learn about my camera,


(dressing-rooms) try a DIY


(tumblr) hit the beach and a do little yoga before sunset (better do that now)…


(delicious) eat well

stay quiet,



and of course, nap!


well, i hope i haven’t put you to sleep. enjoy the weekend however you’re spending it and thank you to all the servicemen, women and vets who selflessly protect our freedom so that we can enjoy these beautiful days. we owe it to them to make the  most of it so i’m off to catch those last hours of sunshine. have a great night!



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infinite potential around the corner


an empty room has so much power


four walls can be absolutely anything


of course good bones don’t hurt! images above via pinterest:

morning guys and happy saturday! thank you all so much for your beautiful comments and good wishes over the last couple days. i’ll treasure them forever! there was no way i could hone in on just a couple winners for the giveaway so at a point i just cut it off and noted that everyone above that comment would get a book. i have to wait till they come out but will get a couple cases and send them over to you. that’s going to be a bit of a project so we have a little time to collect your addys and info. in the meantime i thought i’d share a bit of what we’ve been doing over here.


it’s been month waiting for the shipment from france and it prompted me to rent a space at a local antique mall for when it did come in. i chose the sugar chest.  it’s open and full of great vendors and now our own empty space  is  filled with the pieces that finally arrived from paris over the past couple days.

photo (1)

the beds are stacked 4 deep and the armoire is full of linens, we did have a couple incidents with breakage but overall i think it will be alright and this is a good place to store it and shoot it for our next sale.


while we were waiting for our ship to come in, we couldn’t help tap into the gems that line the streets right here in the usa. we started putting collections together and had some fun with the freedom of not having to ship, do customs, have a broker, pay duties, taxes, fees, bills of lading, power of attorney and uncrating it all. it’s amazing what’s in our own backyards. how we skim over great pieces or think we have to travel far and wide to find and bring them back. it’s fun, don’t get me wrong, but we are jam packed with stuff right here, even at the sugar chest! this little collection was based on the etching above, an early coquette.

coquette collection


we started making her a glamorous  boudoir of course! it’s been fun having everything around till it goes up on OKL (in fact i think some already is).  my own apartment is kind of an empty space that keeps changing with what’s coming in and out. i love getting to enjoy them awhile!







i keep saying ‘we’ meaning candy and me so i thought you’d like to see who our mystery muse is! these chairs were her investment to the sale! well i better jet,  i’ve got an impromptu trip coming up on monday i’ll tell you about later tonight if i can get back here. till then have a fantastic and memorable day and if you’re out antiquing locally, enjoy  the freedom of it!!

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no place like home

hi guys, happy sunday! we’re bracing for a storm and i’m hoping the east coast will be spared without too much damage. there’s a definite calm which may be cliché but truly is the case.  i’ve sequestered myself in this weekend to write and it seems like i’m doing everything but!  i’ve been playing around at home with my camera and now that i have my place back and it’s no longer a warehouse.

before i left i’d been working on shooting the stuff for the okl sale. i hung it haphazardly just to get it on the wall and protected. what i didn’t realize is how much i’d love being around it all.

so many of the images speak to me and i wonder who they were

and imagine the way someone spent their day creating a little masterpiece

above is a watercolor of a leisurely afternoon in a chateau garden

these engravings made me think a little more about what probably caused the revolution

and the one below just calms me down

i guess there really is no rhyme or reason with art and what we gravitate toward. the only problem i have is the attachments i’m making to it all. some pieces you can look at forever cause you’re always finding something new. i didn’t know i’d fall so hard for these little  chef d’oeuvres that so quickly have become part of my daily inspiration.

in any event, i’ll be a big girl and give them up when the time comes but for now i’ll enjoy my moment with them. in the meantime i actually can part with something! i came home to an adorable book that was sent for review and a giveaway.

it’s a charming look at an american girl’s stay with a french family and all the things she learned about their perspective on life.

it’s a great gift so if you’d like to win a copy, just leave a comment and we’ll do the drawing this week.

and now, the sun has set. that means my deadline is that much closer and procrastination is no longer an option. (especially if i’m going to catch my housewives  :)

so bon nuit, i’m sending prayers to everyone with hope of a mild hurricane!

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