around the world 80 days


bonjour tout le monde, coming to you from gay paree! i spent the last few days at the flea market with clients from perth, australia who are buying for their antique business which will be set in a gorgeous church they’re converting into a store.


i promised to keep it hush hush for now and will be blogging more about it when it’s ready to go. but i couldn’t resist sharing a little of our time together. they asked me to help them find a lamp post to hang their shingle and i knew just where to go to look, but what we found surprised even me. next to an everyday light that had been removed from a paris street were three magnificent lamposts that had come directly from the Champs-Élysées!


hard to believe this magnificent piece of history was available for purchase but then again, that’s the beauty of the french flea market; it’s a place where you can take piece of history home with you, even if that means all the way around the world to australia.


the details were beautiful and on one hand i can’t understand how they could have been slated for removal after all these years, but on the other,  i’m grateful that they’re there for the taking for someone who truly appreciates them.


the plan is to get them to their new home within the next 80 days for the grand opening, so they’ll be packed up and shipped on monday.


i can’t wait to see them in their new home! we’re finishing up tomorrow, so  for now, it’s  lights out!

ps i’m in paris for the next couple weeks so if you’re interested in shopping the markets together email me at bonne nuit! 


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what’s going on

good morning guys, hope you’re having a fantastic week! it’s finally quiet around here and i’ve come to the realization that the only way to work, blog or even work out, i have to be alone. otherwise someone always wants to do something fun, far away from the computer!  i’m expecting liz any moment but wanted to stop by and say hey.

not posting about anything in particular, just getting what’s on the desktop before it gets filed or deleted, starting with nature’s colors. i’ve been saving these images for palettes and inspiration, and the links below them have an infinite selection of combos of mother nature’s astonishing creativity and great taste!

on another note, just thought i’d post a little of what i’ve been up to behind the scenes. i mentioned before that OKL asked me for lighting so being a bit of a literalist, i went and sourced from my favorite haunts and have been working on it for weeks.

i’ ve been in the vintage and antiques biz long enough to know how to fix up most anything but when you have 10-20 lamps in your life they start to get pretty needy.

it’s not just getting a cute lamp, but finding the shade (that’s perfect and trying to keep it that way), and every detail from the finial, to the harp, the spider, the socket and the wiring! doesn’t seem like a big deal but in a group it’s a pretty big task. and trying to keep them pristine and photographed…don’t get me started!

how do you feel about original wiring? i think it shows authenticity but maybe it’s best to rewire. i like the old. what about you? anyway they’re finally sitting quietly waiting to get wrapped and packed, the last of what’s left in my apartment as i have one foot in an the other out the door to make a move once the right apartment appears. (i didn’t get the one i wanted so back to hunting).

well i better get going. only a couple days left to put my trip together, i’m leaving on the 20th and have to get our itinerary settled. i’ll share it once it’s locked down. i’m looking forward to exploring the sud. ok, off to work. have a great thursday!

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floor to ceiling walls

hi all, how’s life tonight? darn, it’s already late again.  i’m ready to tune out and turn in but wanted to post a couple pics from the maison objet show. i’m honing in on the pieces that are on my wishlist to bring for the a/d show, but of course not everything happens like we want so i’ll put a few hooks out there and see what ends up in the mix.

these were some of my favorite lighting fixtures and would be happy to have any one of them center stage. they’re radical in person, all handmade with clear or opaque glass beads.

phone pics, sorry so blurry

it was random to find this one with such a nutty display but it was a beauty made of superfine metal mesh. it reminds me of something from the 30s, they used to make something with this but i’m not sure what…it’s like teeny chains. you see it on the bottom of antique purses sometimes.

these by the bed or vanity

and for the walls, i’m working with koziel who is sending some great architectural pieces. at least that’s the trompe l’oeil effect that they achieve with their images on fabric, like this door. it’s a quick change for a a plain box. i was into this last year and am glad to see it being done on a really fun level.

they have wallpapers too.

and these fabulous decals of window guards from old french architectural renderings.

and this is not from the maison but i’m throwing it in as the floor cause i need to start from the ground up. anyway thanks for indulging me, it’s good to come here and lay it out or at least throw it out there and see what comes together. we’ll see is right~for now, good night!

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