passage to india

happy sunday everyone!  it’s about 5pm which means there’s still a lot of life left in this day off. i hope you’re up to something wonderful even if that means napping! i spent way too long treating myself to blog surfing and am finally ready to put the laptop lid down for awhile. my fixation today came from a tag i was awarded by a fellow blogger who happens to be indian.

i have a particular love for bollywood and indian films, both old and new and this was the perfect storm to get me going on a pretty path down the roads of india.


thank you to fashion by bollywood for passing this along. in order to accept i have to do all sorts of things like tell stuff about myself, etc but i figure you know me pretty well so i just went for the second part which is to link to inspiring blogs.

i went totally indian and got pulled into the charm and color of one of my favorite countries. i was lucky enough to visit once and hope to get back again soon.


in the meantime there are always the films to transport us!


anyway i just let fate lead from one blog to the next and i hope you’ll enjoy these colorful, passionate ladies as much as i did.

i focus so much on my frenchie side that sometimes it’s refreshing to mix it up a bit.

if you get a chance, stop by and check out their blogs and say hello to the other side of the world.


the one thing that i’ll never forget is the vibrancy of the sweet, gentle people who make the magic of the country. no matter where you go, women are dressed in electric hues and look gorgeous at whatever work they’re doing.









well, as much as i’d like to just keep going, i do have to get back to reality. but inspiration fuels the creative fire and i needed this burst of color and energy. hope you have a great rest of the weekend!

October 14, 2012. Design, India. 19 comments.