what remains unseen


morning guys and happy saturday. i hope this weekend is going to be one of celebration! i’m about to head out and wanted to post a couple things lurking on my desktop, total non sequiturs but what’s so great about sequiturs?


the first was a practice i’ve been reading about, of all things, breathing. something we do every moment from birth, but there are ways to get a lot out of it from calming to actual healing and restoring atoms and cells on a whole other level. this great book, science of breath, was written in 1903 and talks about ways to play with it for everything from cellular rejuvenation to downright enlightenment!

on another note, i’ve been holding onto these pics of microscopic grains of sand by Dr. Gary Greenberg . there’s no relation to breathing other that it’s something we don’t normally see or think about.

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand” William Blake,  Auguries of Innocence

well have a great day. dads, this is your weekend, hope you get to do something fun!

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the pursuit of happiness


i just think it’s cool that happiness is part of our national constitution. hi all, happy saturday! the shot above made me happy and prompted a quick post. (hmmm, is that an oxymoron)?

well it would be quick but i just wanted to include something i’m into today that may interest you too. it doesn’t have to do with decor per se but it does have to do with design in a way. is there anything more intricate, mysterious and better designed than the human eye? and where would we be without them? a couple years ago i started noticing my 20/20 vision was getting blurry up close. years ago a teacher in yoga class mentioned ocular exercises in passing. i kept it in the back of my head and whenever i did them in the morning, my sight was better all day.


everyone i’ve ever discussed it with thinks i’m nuts but it really does work. not saying i don’t love my little red reading glasses but truth is i’d rather not have to hold my phone at a distance to text or enlarge my computer screen images. as of today i’m working on it diligently and hope that if you have any thoughts or have seen any articles or results will add your two cents. i came across a kabillion articles but figured it best to narrow it down and pass a long a little of it. hope it helps you if you’re squinting or blurry too.  some of the movements are below. you can do them in bed, desk, at a red light etc.

and a little fyi info that could also be helpful: vitamin A is must for a normal eye sight. good sources of vitamin A are carrots, apricots, and squash. leutin, omega 3, vitamin E and C help too. there may be an imbalance in the liver, kidneys or gall bladder if your eyes are blurry and twisting from the waist while looking as far as you can from the corner of your eye helps.


try these:

1 Move the eyes from left to right along the horizon. Repeat 10 times.
2 Move the eyes from top to bottom. Repeat 10 times.
3 Move the eyes diagonally from bottom left to top right. Repeat 10 times.
4 Move the eyes diagonally from top left to bottom right. Repeat 10 times.
S Move the eyes around clockwise. Repeat 10 times.
6 Move the eye around counter-clockwise. Repeat 10 times.


well that’s it for now. i need to rest my eyes, haha! actually one article said that every 45 minutes you should step away from the computer. think i’ll go get that carrot juice. hope you have a happy, focused weekend!

June 9, 2012. Health, Life. 21 comments.

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