these walls can talk

(image: pauline de rothschild in her paris apartment bedroom, decorated in 18th century chinoiserie wallpaper)

hello mes amis! it’s 8pm and i’m about to have dinner and hope you’re winding down too, or at least refueling for the night shift if you’re anything like me  :)

i got some great news today and couldn’t help but spill it right away. for the architectural digest show in march, gracie studio is going to collaborate with tpa and showcase their handmade wallpaper on our walls! i’ve known mike gracie for years and have always wanted to do something special and now the stars have aligned! i  spent the last hour scouring the internet for images that feature their legendary wallpaper so we can sketch out the plan in detail tomorrow. there are so many options when it comes to this old school technique that i was first thinking  yellow and liz loved the tangerine. then mike suggested silvery metallic with cream and my heart melted!

below are some of their many designs:

gracie wallpaper in elle decor

tory burch’s entry via elle decor

traditional home

gracie studio is a new york institution. it’s been  a family owned business for generations that’s treasured and taken very seriously.  you can read about their colorful history and family passion here: and patricia gray did a great interview with mike here.

i just love the history! below are some of gracie’s metallics.  it’s amazing how many homes they’ve touched in a century. may be cliche but well, everything old is new again. it’s a timeless look and a real indulgence to live with such exquisite hand painted paper. it’s versatile too cause  you can use it on a large or small scale.  for instance, between windows, you can always frame a panel and take with you if you move.

here: Thad Hayes had Gracie repaint the original 1930’s wallpaper. via

everyone looks good in it, and it makes a great backdrop for a photo shoot!

maggie rizer

anna sui/w magazine

nylon magazine

gracie’s work is intense and infinite! i’m really looking forward to getting creative with mike and we’ll have a lot discuss tomorrow when we put it all together. i’ll keep you posted, but better yet, come to the show! ok, time to change gears and eat something yummy. more soon!

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