To travel is to take a journey into yourself

Bonjour tout le monde, ca va? If you’re here you probably want to talk about our favorite topic: Paris of course! It’s just an obsession for some of us, isn’t it? How is it that Paris never gets old? It’s one of the few places you can go over and over again and never see it all.

If you’re anything like me, you love to think about WHO created Paris…the vision that the people all had to have shared to build a city that would still be the benchmark for beauty and culture. And they did it dressed to the nines. With no electricity, just their imagination and determination they erected a place that we stroll sometimes without a second thought. But there are some of us who still want to see the Paris of the Parisians of the Past and experience what they had in mind for future generations to enjoy.

I’m talking about the Paris where you feel at home. Not going to monuments but instead going to the special parts of the parks, to the homes of artists, visiting the ateliers and workshops where they lived and worked and sweated and created. It’s like going to visit old friends for some of us. Maybe we were there together in a past life!

image: Parc Monceau by Adam Gopnik

What about you? Is Paris on your bucket list? Maybe you’ve gone once, or even twice. I hear a lot of people say they just didn’t get it, that it didn’t resonate with them. Or that it’s changed. That’s because they didn’t get to see the real Paris. The intimate, exquisite, quiet, elegant and usually overlooked Paris. I continue to explore, and it seems the more I do the more there is to discover. Maybe the fact that you can never finish is part of the allure.

Even with my blog there are so many topics to get into that sometimes the vastness of its depth and beauty is incomprehensible. From the parks and gardens and passages to history, architecture, cabaret and follies, fashion, photography, food, shops, cafes, music, galleries, art, perfume, culture, wine, chocolate, cinema, museums, picnics, parks, gardens, ateliers, brocantes and of course the flea markets, there’s so much to see and do and taste and touch it’s like a banquet of beauty. In fact it’s a moveable feast, Hemingway was so right! And the buffet is endless.

And so, once again I’m heading back in September and have been putting together some new adventures, and you’re invited to come along. I like to share a different Paris than the one in the guide books, one that’s beautiful and serene. One that the Parisians of the past knew well and where they went to get away from the crowds to stroll and languish, paint, write and get inspired.

Lately there’s been interest in a lot of activities along with the usual trek to the fleamarkets, including off-the beaten path places like the vineyards of Montmartre, cooking in a private apartment, walking tours, jazz clubs, thrifting for designer fashions, restoration techniques, and lots more! We’re combing a little of each into our trips, creating an experience you won’t find anywhere else.

So take a look at what we’ve got simmering. If you’d like to join us, contact us and we’ll set it up. I want you to experience the Paris you’ve always dreamed about. Our trips can either be booked one on one (flea market shopping) or with a group which includes airport transfers, hotel or apartment, transportation to events, tickets and more. If you’re interested, contact me and let’s discuss your dream trip this fall. Below are the cliff notes and just a fraction of what’s in store. You’ll get a detailed itinerary with specific events and destinations when you book.

Sept 1-6

First Timer’s Trip

Joachim Hiltmann / Getty Images

I can’t begin to tell you what this trip entails but suffice it to say you’ll see a Paris that’s beyond magical. All the little streets you’ve seen IG’d, the picnics, the day trips, the cobblestone alleys and of course the places that can’t be missed, but from an angle that’s unexpected and unusual. 

Sept 6-12

Decor Tour:

image: Connaissance des Arts

This incredible week will be filled with treasure hunting and shopping for home decor. We’ll take you to find everything from mantles and doors to chandeliers and textiles at the flea markets.  We’ll also go to the world famous trade show, the Maison et Objet. You’ll go inside auctions and warehouses in and out of the city. It’s the perfect trip if you’re decorating a home, stocking a store or stocking up for shows and want to find linens, decor and home accessories at wholesale prices. 

Sept 13-19

Artist’s Ateliers & Workshops in Paris:

If you love going into private homes and workshops of artists who lived in Paris, this is the one for you. Parisians have had incredible foresight to keep certain places just as they were when the artist in residence lived and worked in the city. Many of these homes are tucked away right in the center of Paris. We’ll go on our tour to explore these homes and it truly feels like we’re going to the visit old friends and acquaintances from the past. 

September 21-26

Parisians of the Past – Salon Hostesses:

“Portrait de Juliette Recamier, femme de Lettres Francaise”. Francois Gerard 1805

We’ll visit the homes and haunts of the women who made Paris the center of the universe in the Age of Enlightenment. When there was nothing but dirt and oppression, these women decided they’d create a new world for themselves filled with beauty, culture, manners and etiquette. They designed clothing and interiors and gardens that are still the benchmark for good taste today.

Together we’ll walk in their footsteps enjoying the homes and salons that still stand in commemoration of their epic legacy by day and have evenings in our own modern salons that include cooking, music and dance.

Well that’s it for the moment! Bottom line is there’s a Paris that’s just for you, not a cookie cutter tour but an adventure that’s full of fun and discovery. A journey and experience that will leave you with a new appreciation for this truly magical place that’s just waiting to be rediscovered…by you!

If you’d like to schedule a day together in July, email Et alors, ciao for now…à bientôt!

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in my other life

hello guys! hope your week is winding down and the weekend is shaping up. it’s been a long day and i’m about to call it a night but just wanted to thank my girl katie of the neotraditionalist and founder of matchbook magazine for including me in the latest issue. how she does it i’ll never know but it’s filled with gorgeous picks and people so if you get a chance, stop by!

katie asked me what my readers would be surprised to know about me.  i could have gone down some random roads but went with my ‘green’ side. i think maybe some of you do know about my crusades but seeing this today made me gather my thoughts and start looking at how i can turn some of my obsessions into my reality.

now that i’m officially settled down in miami, the plan is to become a part of the community and propose some of the ideas i’ve been mulling over.  i’m hoping  miami beach is small enough to make some noise and get something done. so tonight i’ll pretend i’m on the committee and get started. my first proposal is to green the tops of all the buses.


after that i’d like to put recycling machines every place from starbucks to the supermarket. have you seen these machines? the one above is a kiosk that pays you when you turn in phones, cords etc. and the one below compacts plastic bottles. each of these is also a business opportunity for the person who sets it up so it’s good for the community and creates jobs.

next i’d like to propose a new beach cleaner, one that sifts the sand instead of just turning it over. this one is state of the art and is sustainable as it produces zero emissions and has a hybrid engine.

next i’m proposing a green roof to the building i look down on from my window. right now it’s just empty and stained and since green roofs are so easy these days, why not see if they’ll take the bait?

finally you probably do know about my passion against the CFL bulbs. i’m advocating that florida move in the direction that south carolina, texas and new zealand are going which is to BAN the CFL bulbs, not the innocent incandescent.i’ve been researching the pros and cons for almost 2 years and have devoted a blog to the cause. it’s s touch fight cause CFLs have become the symbol of green yet they’re just the opposite.  just say no to them before regular bulbs are outlawed and sign the ban on the ban at my other blog if you get a chance.

well, that’s about it for tonight, i’m burnt out! what are you doing in your green life?

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some impact girl


hi guys, happy weekend! i’ve had a couple days to drop out, refocus, and get set for a 90 day regime. from today i’ll be making little changes that will hopefully have at least some impact on ma vie. (things like going to bed and getting up earlier, taking the stairs, and tackling the things that wake me up at night for starters)!

i read about no impact man a couple weeks ago and was intrigued by this new yorker who conducted a self experiment to see if his family could live without creating trash (and he had a baby in diapers at the time), or negatively affecting the environment for a year. it’s wild what one person can do.


it’s not a glamorous topic and will take effort, but i’d like to try to experiment myself and reduce the packaging i buy, use less electricity (not sure i could give up my curling iron), and unplug everything at night. but is is really possible to go completely without? or necessary? i just started the book last night so i’m not sure how he possibly did it. but doing a little green research for it led me to a lot of great resources. this gorgeously green book is enticing with the cute cover and makes it look sort of like fun!


one thing led to another and i’m stumbling on people and groups who are involved in changing things all over the world ( and look like they’re having a damn good time doing it).


pricilla woolworth is promoting products that are sustainable, earth friendly and made by hand.


i met these guys at the gift show and love their natural soaps from brazil.


and if you want a little more glam with your green, there’s always gisele’s blog.

what are some things you’ve been doing to go a little greener? one of the things i read was that women are responsible for 80% of what’s purchased on the planet for their families. is there something specific you’re doing at home? do you think air fresheners and swiffer pads will ever be things of the past?

have a great weekend!

ps a little food for thought:



Gone Tomorrow: The Hidden Life of Garbage /

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