it’s the same thing every year

no matter how many times i’ve seen most of these films, i’ll always stop to watch them when they’re on once a year.

i grew up watching them with mom and dad and love when we get a chance to catch one together over the holidays.

i don’t think i’ve ever seen this one

and love this one to death. they ride in in a snow sleigh!

of course some we all know by heart

but there’s the next generation to think about.

i wonder if they’ll love the originals like we do?

don’t think i’ve seen this one either…

so many were remade in the 80’s and 90’s, but why mess with perfection?

i guess some things never get old My Way

as my friend joy would say, they’re comfort food for the soul!

well, i’m off to bed, this is what happens when you fall down the amazon rabbit hole. but it was fun! if you know any i missed, please add to the list!

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park avenue potluck

hey guys! hope all’s well where you are tonight! i had a little good fortune and wanted to share it.

these incredible books were sent to me by Leslie Perkin, a client turned friend when we first started chatting about her work.

i hadn’t had a chance to really go through them until now and what a treasure chest! they’re a fabulous glimpse into the glamorous and comfy side of park avenue life.

each is a compilation of menus and recipes from New York’s Saviest Hostesses from the Society of Memorial-Sloan Kettering Hospital fund raising team. they worked with Florence Fabricant to put it all together, sharing their traditions, homes, stories and heirlooms.

my new acquaintance did a lot of styling in the photos, each shot in a park avenue-esque apartment. and these ladies were born entertainers. the books give us entrée into homes and recipes that are both easy and elegant.

to keep in the spirit, i tried to find the holiday pics

vintage heirlooms look good in any season

these ladies make bold choices (love a red door)…that’s leslie’s house!

who could resist a woman who goes for a feather tree?

anyway as a gift to my readers, i’m giving away my two copies and am going to get two more (one for my mom and one for his). proceeds from the book go to sloan-kettering so it’s a win-win. you can find it on amazon or at mskcc’s site.

if you’d like to enter to win either one, i’ll pull the winner from the comments on thursday. til then, have a great night and day! xoc

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home sweet home

hope you had a great thanksgiving and thank you for all the good wishes. i had the pleasure of of going home to mom and dad’s for a couple days for double thanksgivings and a wedding. now i’m home with a fire roasting in ny, and go back home to miami tomorrow night. guess home is where the heart is. c’est cliché, mais vrais!

stiletto heights
it’s been a while since i’ve been here as i was technologically self sequestered until today.


staying away from the computer completely cleared my head. it’s great to have a wide open mind and forget where i left off.

the links in this post are my wonderful sponsors along the sidebar. the first thing i want to do with a brand new slate is to say hello and thank you to them. they never cease to amaze me with the beautiful things they curate. they took a chance on me and helped to build a bit of a blogging community together.

they’re full of great gifts, each is a labor of love.

and anything these girls send as gifts you know will arrive picture perfect!

eternal classic, the perfect hostess or holiday gift.

and these pieces are destined to be heirlooms in my mind. i know why this caged bird sings!


and i’m happy to introduce Barbara of The French Elements to the gang. she creates some of her products and we’re going to put the bottles above in my boutique.

i’d love to invite you if you make something or want to collaborate for the holidays, to let me know and we can choose something and add it! all you have to do is be willing to drop ship.
i’ve been having a great time connecting and collaborating with bloggers and sponsors, cross promoting each other’s merchandise and brand. it may seem unconventional but i just want to put it out there once more before the holidays.

this blog bud’s creation (lisa vincent) is going to be on a show this sunday! it’s hush-hush so i can’t say which til then. can’t wait to see it myself!

ok basta! bonne nuit!

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