My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece. -Claude Monet

allo! ca va? spring is whizzing by isn’t it? it’s hard to believe may is almost over and we’ll be in full summer mode in just a few days, for me that means planning a trip to france and this year i’ll be going to a many places that i’ve been before but others that i have to admit that i haven’t. i thought i’d start to jot down some of the spots on the to-do list and see how it will unfold. the first on the list is Normandy, specifically Giverny where Claude Monet lived from 1883 until his death in 1926. there are so many gorgeous images out there it’s easy to see why he would devote his life to capturing these magnificent grounds it. i love this one above for its simplicity and sweetness: (Pink cosmos and golden sunflowers tower above Fifi, the calico cat who resides in Monet’s garden, as she strolls down a gravel path in the silver mist of dawn. Photograph by Elizabeth Murray c 1990. From a collection of postcards published by Pomegranate). people and pets have come and gone here but somehow this place has been perfectly preserved for all these years.

maybe it’s the voyeur in me but i love to visit homes of artists, writers and designers. the fact that the french keep these special places for us is truly one of the reasons i fell in love with france. 

if you want to learn more about it, this is a wonderful fondation that works tirelessly year round to keep the gardens and home in perfect condition.

you can actually take a virtual tour here: i’m sure seeing this magical place in person will be more incredible than i can imagine. apparently it was so exquisite that it was almost painful for Monet in a way that i’m sure only those who know the beauty of a garden or even a single flower can understand.

‘Every day I discover more and more beautiful things. It’s enough to drive one mad. I have such a desire to do everything, my head is bursting with it’.

-Claude Monet

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it’s so easy being green


hey guys! thank you so much for writing to let me know about how you’re getting this straight to your inbox. i think bloglovin’ must be one of the ways and probably there are other blog subscription services so if you’re here then i’m happy it’s just us! so real quick, wanted to put together something i’m working on.


i have this great wall on my balcony that i have always wanted to do something with and i’m thinking a green wall would be great. i love succulents and airplants, basically plants that need zero attention except for the occasional spritzing.

at the eden roc

i live near  hotels whose flowers are always changing and the above inspired me to get my green wall going.

Green Wall

have you ever googled green walls?

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 4.41.16 PM

it’s a wonderland!


of course there are always smaller versions just to get your feet wet…


Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 4.36.17 PM

but i’m into the pockets. and if you google green wall pockets it’s a whole other world of discovery. have you done one? i’d love to hear about it!

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 4.42.59 PM

hope your day is done! have a great night!

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the final countdown


good morning dear friends! it’s a brand new day, another that’s full of potential.


moving day is less than 24 hours away and there’s a bit of a ‘to do’ list to conquer.


i could hit the ground running but thought i’d change it up by coming here first instead of continually postponing blogging and only getting to it when there was nothing left on my plate to do.


fact is that there will always be something left to do so why postpone joy?

Screen shot 2013-08-13 at 9.47.40 AM

in the meantime, i thought i’d do a quick search for balcony ideas on pinterest since my new one is completely bare and has the possibility to become absolutely anything.

House in the catalan village of Sant Isicle Spain.

i hope to be working outside with the girls instead of staring at a white wall like we have in the past!

Screen shot 2013-08-13 at 9.57.12 AM


and we all know a place doesn’t have to be huge to have an enormous impact!


i don’t have a ton of time this am but am going to pull a few things i came across just now in the encyclopedia of pinterest. so i started a new board: balconies!


hope you enjoyed it and are making your little outdoor space a feathered nest this summer no matter what the size!



ok, back to to work!

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