twenty years in the making


where does the time go? hi gang, ca va? how’s your brand new year going? it’s off to a pretty good start here.  it’s officially 20 years since i opened The Paris Apartment and all these years later i’m still grateful to have it. it’s been my raison d’etre on so many levels, being both work and play, it gave me a reason to travel, focus my passion and was my very own muse. but how is it possible that every day for two decades i’ve gotten out of bed and straight to work from my 20s to my 40s!?


you’ve been so patient with me talking about coming out with a new book for sooooo long.  i’m happy to say the new baby has finally arrived!


i only have one copy at the moment but it can be pre-ordered on amazon.  of course i couldn’t resist hosting a giveaway since they’ll be here in a couple weeks,  so if you’re interested let me know and we’ll draw 5 names next week. if you’d like to host a giveaway on your blog,  just say the word!


it will probably be a month or so till they’re here so in the meantime, leave a comment i’ll get in touch with you directly to coordinate it. (just make sure you’re email is live when you leave it)


you can see some of it on amazon but here’s a sneak peek:


i’ve only skimmed it myself


and will share more



you may recognize some old friends



and finds



well in the meantime i’ve got to go collapse now cause the container of goodies from paris came today and we’ve been unpacking it in prep for another big old OKL sale.


suffice it to say it’s time to decompress and exhale this day. so have a great night and good, deep sleep!

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les affairs to remember

bonsoir guys, ca va? it’s one of our last nights in paris and hard to believe it’s been 6 weeks already. the days have flown by and the nights are mainly work but claudia II is our social director and if it weren’t for her we may have missed a lot of great soirees.

last night we were invited to a grande fête at the one and only clignancourt marche aux puces. the paul bert and serpette markets were the hosts and the tapis rouge was rolled out along the alleys both indoor and out. seeing the market by night is such a different experience than in the lazy afternoons. the vendors really let their hair down and put on a night to remember with trimmings to rival a ball at versailles.

it was both intimate and inviting

with furniture you wouldn’t even touch by day being enjoyed by all

the tables were beautifully dressed

and the scent of flowers was everywhere

and bien sur, the champagne was flowing

and the petit fours were plentiful

a good time was had by all, even the kids

this little one below curled up on a chair and took it all in.

so now i bid you adieu, it’s getting late and we have an early morning for our last market day. there are brocantes, fairs and shows going on and we can’t do it all, but you know we’re gonna try!

and last but certainly not least, i wanted to introduce you to claudia’s friend who we saw perform the other night. he’s a funny, charismatic homme francais. we all fell for him, maybe you will too! click the pic above for one of my favorite seductive video of his. there are more on youtube including this live performance. he plays in cosy, clubby spots (we saw him on a houseboat) and just has a real joie de vivre. ok c’est tout pour c’est soir. bon nuit mes cheries, a demain!

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who’s calling the shots?

happy tgif everyone! hope you’re gearing up for a great weekend. i’m enjoying some down time and making an effort to really edit my paris pics. as i was going thru the flea market stuff i started to notice that a lot of the same upholstery trends at the high end trade show were the same as the flea market. kind of makes you wonder which came from where. on the other hand i don’t wonder at all and believe that all trends start at the flea markets of paris!

bright velvets, two tone

contrasting fronts and backs

unfinished pieces

cottony stripes, rough burlap textures and nail heads

classic shapes

attention to detail, two kinds of piping

bright leathers

ticking, stripes and deconstructed cozy casual

box pleat seats and rough linen

stripes and linen

navy linen

hand stitching

more navy linen

bold colors and detailled frames

black and white, floral toile patterns

shiny frames

velvet covered furniture

and greek key trim from the turn of the century. guess everything old really is new again thanks to the creative minds of the paris markets who know just how much to leave on or take off when it comes to showing their wares and chairs. i’m a chair lover and it’s comforting to know that the french understand that ripping all the old fabric off, even if it’s tattered, is an art, creating a sculpture almost, so the new owner will see the history and still be able to put his or her vision on it to make if fresh and mod. well, i’m off, bon weekend!

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