the wonderful story of high point


happy super moon! (photo)

hello dear friends. i’m probably echoing in space. it’s been an eternity but hey, no time like the present, right? if you’re here, a great big hi and cyber hug.

so what’s happening?  well i’m heading out in the morning to one of my favorite towns in the good old US of A, High Point, North Carolina.882faff772c4f9989acf2844ef4f83d6

it’s a city actually, but the kind that still feels like a small town. anyhow it’s the place  for people who love home furnishings cause this is where it all goes down.


well, it used to. (photo from book published in 1961)


most of the us brands we know were made here like century, hooker, broyhill and many still are including my dear friends at french heritage.


but for the most part, the upholsterers, carvers, and builders closed up and moved overseas over the years.

images download

so for two weeks a year the place comes alive with a furniture trade show.  but the other 50 weeks it’s a ghost town.


i went 10 years ago planning to work on a line with some of the remaining small businesses that still existed.


it’s taken this long but i’m finally heading back, ready to do just that, working with the brawn behind Desirant in asheville to create something just for them.


i went to the show last month and reconnected with locals who have chair frames, paint booths, workshops and fabrics.


i’ll be blogging along and i hope you’ll come for the ride as we celebrate manufacturing in the USA.


there’s a great article here if you’re interested in learning more about this fascinating town.


of course i have to check out the town…in my spare time!


we only have a day or two to accomplish a whole lot, then heading to the store in asheville with some goodies to fill it with for the holidays.



and the clock strikes 12:30. so i’ll say good night since i have to be up at 6. have a great sunday night!



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the possibilities are endless


good morning! it’s noon (-ish) on monday and the week is fresh and new.


this week i’m shifting into high gear to see what i can accomplish.


still working on finalizing the styles for the chair line. there are just so many subtle differences and i need to narrow.


i have a chair maker who can create any frame we can imagine.


i’ve been going through the most universal styles, but there are a few that i haven’t seen around much and i’d love to revive.


trouble is i’m working with guys who may not think feminine furniture is as delicious a i (maybe we? do).


before i commit and get everyone on board, i just wanted to hear your thoughts. what kind of chairs, benches, sofas or chaises are you looking for?

images (1)

these are a few i pulled this morning, just wanted to post them since i want them all personally!


so let me ask you, how do you feel about cane?


are you still into vanity chairs?


slipper chairs? tufts?


carvings? we all know that women do most of the purchasing so i appreciate you weighing in so i can share your opinion with the gang.


by the by, i was sent a copy of a new book titled,  ‘amour provence’  by constance leisure.


i promised to host a giveaway, so if you’d like to throw your chapeau in the ring, just say so in the comments and we’ll draw on wednesday.


ok, signing off for a bit, have a wonderful week!

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field of dreams


good morning and happy monday. how are you doing? over here i’m still on the path of transformation and working on changing it up. as you know, it’s been a few months and i’ve tried everything from videos, to blogging to self assessment and philanthropy, focusing on figuring out a new direction. it’s finally paying off after the 6 month mark with your helpful friendship. you may ask how, so i’ll answer before you ask, that whether i heard directly from you or not, i know you’re there and that alone gave me the determination and strength not to throw in the towel when i was facing burnout at the 20+ year mark of the paris apartment’s anniversary. the new website will be launching soon and things are moving along quickly.


first i want to thank all of you who commented on the post about the chairs. i also wanted to let you know that it’s official, i’ll be working with desirant in asheville, nc to design a line of furniture! we’ll be making the pieces right here in the good old US of A using local craftsmen, painters and upholsterers to create unique pieces. i’m thinking that it would be fun to do a couple of different styles and have each represent those of you who commented. that said, i’d love your opinion on the styles we’ll use for starters. what do you think of these frames and would they be useful in your home? if so, how so? looking forward to hearing your valued opinion!

F25 F24

we’ll be using frames that are already available like the sofa above and these chaises,







F10 F12

desk chairs,

wf12 wf11

and honestly not sure about this one…do you think it’s just too much of a muchness?


along with these we’ll be creating pieces from some antiques and renderings i’ve been saving for years. more to come on that so let me know if you’re looking for anything in particular. if you get a chance, i’d like to help them get the word out about their store, brand and general existence. these are the links to their social media. would LOVE it if you joined in. if you do let me know which you’re most into socially…thanks again for being here, love you!

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