it would take many lifetimes

when i got to this hotel i had no idea how much of our time in sf would be devoted to it! now i see why the show ‘hotel’ in the 70s was centered around this incredible place! around every corner is more intrigue, history and glory like  the tiny vanderbilt in pink and blue above and below.

anyway, from my trip to see some of the ballrooms, i met jessica, one of the kids in charge of running the place who really got my love of the old nooks and crannies.  she was gracious enough to give me a tour of the penthouse which was an unexpected treat.

this is just a small sampling of the magnificent floor:

since john’s in food, she introduced us to their hip  executive chef (unfortunately i think i erased the photos)!  he showed us some of the projects he’s working on, like creating all the hotel’s honey (he put beehives on the roof), and adding sustainable gardens which will grow all the hotel’s herbs and vegetables! bee hives

and i didn’t see jessica this morning but wanted to thank her for the invitation yesterday to see the sf ballet in the park. it was a real treat and something we  wouldn’t have seen if not for her ongoing hospitality!

so, that will have to do it for my little obsession today as we’re packing up and heading out.  i look at this photo above (dorothy draper’s incarnation of the lobby, thanks lynn) and think of the young cool crew that’s handling it now. they’re set to remodel the laurel court restaurant which still has the old school feel but with who’s in charge i know they’ll do a great job preserving it.  more soon!

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