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well it’s officially autumn. i hope the crisp air is invigorating and you’re enjoying the change of season. i’m finishing up the last couple profiles of the ladies we met over the summer at the social media conference in paris. they’ve each been so fascinating to research and i think about them often. today’s gal is one i felt was a kindred spririt right away. whenever we were together it seeemed we were giggling like kids in school and getting in trouble at the back of class…she’s that friend who makes you laugh so hard that you get scolded even though she’s the one provoking you! but she was well worth every cross look and detention we got! so, mes amis, please get to know the darling, mischevous and marvelous, Ann Garvin. i started digging into her social stuff and didn’t know where to jump off so for now let’s start with her FB page facebook.com/AnnWertzGarvin where her latest book was featured in the Huffington Post: huffingtonpost.com


as far as her official bio, (you meet people and talk but never really know and understand fully what they do and have accomplished) and this is what’s being said about her. i took it verbatim since it’s way more prolific than i could ever be: Ann Garvin is an author, speaker and educator. As professor of health, stress management, research methods and media literacy at University of Wisconsin Whitewater, she has worked extensively in psychometrics, statistics and psychology. Ann is the author of On Maggie’s Watch & The Dog Year (Berkley Penguin, 2014). She also holds an adjunct teaching position in the Masters of Fine Arts at Southern New Hampshire University allowing her to marry her love of people, story and writing and help others to do the same.


she writes for a really cool site called unreasonable whose tagline is ‘for those hungry to put a positive dent on history’. her articles are many and varied, succinct and interesting. unreasonable-increased-productivity and her tagline for her own site is ‘come sit by me’. but stay out of trouble if you do!

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 10.00.44 AM


on her own site she’s writing about everything from nutrition to publishing to advocacy.

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 7.06.57 PM


Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 8.27.36 AM


on her twitter feed she’s doing something really unique by adding images and her hashtag to the actual tweets using something called pic monkey, giving another dimension to the ann experience! picmonkey.com


once she’s tweeted them she goes one step further and adds them to her pretty pinterest boards. we definitely learned a lot from each other on the trip about ways to maximize our social skills and the knowledge just keeps on coming!

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 8.15.13 AM


along with ann’s work in nutrition and saving the world, she’s a brilliant wrtiter who mixes nostalgia with optimism and humor. her two books are her latest focus and she’s even got a youtube channel to share and promote them!


Dog-Year-Ann-Wertz-Garvin and On Maggies-Watch

you can check out the first chapter of The Dog Year here: sneak-peek and see ann wow her crowd on her you tube promo:

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 8.11.18 AM

our sweet ann has generously offered to give away of each of the books so if you’re interested in either, leave a comment and let us know which you’d like to read. i’ll announce the winners in the next post.


all in all i thought this quote on ann’s site summed her up pretty well. she seems to know that there are universal laws about life, love and how they affect what you put out into and take out of the world. ann’s message is that we’re all in this together. that we have choices and can direct our energy and lives to create positive experiences for ourselves and others. she loves life and i love her. miss you girl!

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paris is her playground


bonjour et bon samedi! it’s been a while since i’ve been able to sit down again and dig into the lives of last few of ladies from our summer trip. can’t believe how long it’s taking me to cover but each one has so much style, panache and lively, beautiful worlds that putting the posts together takes a lot of time and research.


today our featured lady is none other than the darling Mary Kay Bosshart. she lives in paris and it (as well as the rest of france) is officially her muse. you can check out her gorgeous photographs and catch her gallavanting through town here: outandaboutinparis.com. she has a really interesting take on the city and shows us the side we rarely see…one that only someone living there has the ablilty to uncover since as we know, paris has so very many layers.


she lets us know about fabulously random events as well as the most important goings on around the city…like this one:

Two times a year (around May 10 and August 1), the setting sun aligns with the Champs Élysées. For a few breathtaking moments, the entire orb of the sun is visible under the Arc de Triomphe. 
Photo credit:


she’ll take you to the louvre, a castle, the musee d’orsay…all through the back door. mary kay is that kind of friend you’d have had in college. she makes you feel like you’re with a school chum with her easy laugh, joie de vive, and the way she sees the beauty in things both great and small.


she travels in and around the countryside and always takes us on the most marvelous photographic tours, introducing places that are off the beaten path yet not to be missed:

Château de Valençayoutandaboutinparis.com/2014/09/add-chateau-valencay-former-residence.html

#chateau #LoireValley #history #France #ChateauValencay #Talleyrand


for example she says: The Château de Maintenon is one of Fodor’s “11 Must See Châteaux Outside of Paris”Via Fodor’s: Madame Maintenon, the second wife of Louis XIV, bought this already ancient château in 1675 with money given to her by the king. Louis oversaw its improvements, employing his staff from Versailles, including landscape architect André le Nôtre. Although Madame Maintenon loved the castle’s singular beautSee More

— at Château de Maintenon


tag along with her to the small towns in places you always wanted to go but never seem to get to: The lovely town of Bourges is located a mere two hours by train from Paris making it the ideal spot for a weekend getaway. Accompanying blog post: http://www.outandaboutinparis.com/2014/09/10-reasons-to-visit-charming-town-of.html

#Bourges #France #LoireValley #travel #TravelTuesday#WeekendGetaway


and if you’re staying in the city, she will let you know where you can find incredible adventure that’s both off the beaten path and right under your nez:  You don’t have to go to Versailles to see over-the-top opulence. You’ll find lots of gold in Paris. Assemblée Nationale


as she puts it: I’m an American by birth, Swiss by marriage, resident of Paris with a Navigo Pass for the metro that I feel compelled to use. So I’ll be out and about exploring the city for the next couple of years. Switzerland, Germany, The Philippines, Indonesia, and Trinidad and Tobago are other countries that I’ve called home…


The rosy hue of sunset. Photo taken from Pont d’Iéna


let her be your guide…just tap into her feed and you have a friend on the inside! her taste and interests are wide and varied and cover everything from music to fashion to shopping, museums, villages, cultural affairs and of course, cuisine! these are a few of her recently featured events:


If you like fashion, don’t miss “The 50s” (“Les Années 50”) at Palais Galliera. The exhibition runs through November 2, 2014.


The annual procession attracts 25,000 people, both the faithful and the curious. The parade is lead by a group of pipers, drummers and frenzied dancers, who whirl and twirl to the music. Coconuts are broken along the route. The shell of the coconut symbolizes the illusion of the world, the flesh represents the Karma of an individual, and the coconut water is the human ego. By breaking the shell of a coconut, one offers their heart to Lord Ganesha.


If you’ve ever marveled at the transformation of the Musée d’Orsay, take a look at http://www.google.com/culturalinstitute/exhibit/de-la-gare-au-musée-d-orsay-rénové/ARK7SK5T?projectId=art-project&hl=en-GB. “From station to the renovated Musée d’Orsay” is the story of the building via a virtual exhibition on Google Art Project.


One of my favorite secret courtyards in Paris. Do you know where it is? Clues: In the Middle Ages, the series of three courtyards was used as a passageway when King Philippe Auguste traversed the neighborhood.

she’s playful, sweet, smart and helpful. so get to know mary kay whether you’re in paris, going to paris or just love exploring what’s on the city’s agenda. she’s always out and about and is someone you’ll want to connect with. reach our and you’ll feel like you found a new old friend!

Mary Kay Bosshart

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to have a mentor, to be a mentor


Bonjour! Ça va guys?  i hope you’re in the throes of a really great september weekend.

today i wanted to introduce another of the glamazons from the social media conference last month. (there were only 10 of us). it was july actually, wow time is flying! so then, without further ado, please get to know the incomprable Lisa Ferguson.

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 1.05.53 PM

i mentioned lisa briefly in jen’s post the other day…they’re a friendship in full force. their collaborating and uplifting relationship was an inspiration to watch and i’ll cherish those two forever.  you’ll see jen involved in pretty much everything lisa’s into, (because it just is that cool)! and they’re having a ball being each other’s muse.

lisa herself is dynamic, muliti-dimensional and irresistable. to know her is to love her as she is laser focused and way en pointe. so i could try to tell you about lisa or you can dig around in her world with the links below. but let’s try…we’ll start with strengthsmentor.com and see how well i can explain this dymnamic and complex woman and what’ she’s created.

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 2.09.38 PM


actually, i don’t know why i’m reinventing the wheel

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 1.17.16 PM

…steller just did a phenomenal piece on her here:  steller.co/strengthsmentor


quotes from her pinterest account: pinterest-DecorMentor/full-potential-best-you


lisa’s really interested in collaborating, empowering each other and figuring out where each person’s strengths lie. she asked us for some business tips. here’s what some of the girls said. just realized i forgot to do mine…the customer is always right!



Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 2.25.19 PM


i pulled this off of her FB because it’s just another way lisa is out there collaborating, co-branding and sharing the secrets of success whether it’s hers or ours she wants it just as bad. she’s going to be at the high point market bringing her talent and ideas to life.

Gail Doby and I are very excited to have Sherwin-Williams for Design Pros support for our Flourish Summit Oct 22 at High Point Market [www.flourishandprofit.com ] ! More on this during the #Flourish twitter chat this wed 8pmET. Join us for an hour that will be fun and full of #successkeys !



lisa has shown me that we’re never too old to have a mentor and we’re never too young to be one either…she reinforces the fact that when we help each other we help ourselves.



flourishandprofit.com the model and the story is jen!



this is quintessential lisa…she would never dwell on problems. she finds solutions.



so in paris we each took a test, a gallup poll actually that showed us our strengths and what we can do to maximize them.



it’s a pretty interesting assessment, i definitely recommend it trying it!

Gallup’s Strengthsfinder® assessment: is an online measure of personal talent that identifies areas where an individual’s greatest potential for building strengths exists.

lisa SM




and if that isn’t enough, lisa is also a talented interior designer and runs Decor Mentor…




how does she find the time? you are my inspiration!

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 1.49.39 PM



two twitter accounts…there may be more. but the slogan below says it best. lisa is ultimately concise, edited, direct and clear.


her social media skills are off the charts yet she posts only what’s essential.



last but not least, check out lisa when she’s getting to enjoy her downtime on instagram. i knew she’d have to kick back SoMeTiMe! hope you are too!

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