the art of the dressing room

hello dear friends! it was a very productive day and things are winding down. we’ve been tackling our ‘to do list’ for the AD show and have been doing everything from icky home depot chores like getting baseboards for the show to the fun of shopping for wardrobe. liz is a stylist so it’s been great to have her eye and bRuTaL honesty!

when i got home i started thinking getting organized on every level.

why should closets be any different than an office or bedroom?

dressing rooms and closets are cousins of course but one’s a real room and one’s a plain old dinky closet.

but there’s a lot you can do in unexpected spaces.

create your own boutique and use tiny spaces to the max.

small spaces lend themselves to hyper decor

it’s practically an office. morning headquarters.

it doesn’t have to be much

or it could be a lot

it does have a bit to do with the clothes too

i could eat these

it helps to have a something great to put in a closet.

i don’t have much but what’s there should be the start of a good collection if i get tough.

of course i’d love to fill it with beautiful vintage pieces like this 1914 dress and live in shorts and flip flops! i’m about to step it up a bit though. no time like the present.

ok it’s midnight and i’m off, have a great nuit!


i just found this.  so random, so not!

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