i’m in the mood


for a moodboard, that is! hi guys, how are you on this mid-december night? i’m surprising myself by coming to blog tonight.


it seems like forever since i’ve had the urge to write about what’s been going on. as you may remember, i’m designing a chair line in high point, nc for the gang at Desirant. i guess i’ve been laying low cause it has a lot of moving parts and it hasn’t felt like they were coming together until today. but whatdda ya know, here i am, feeling like i almost have it figured out. almost.


it’s been tricky trying to work with someone else’s taste when i’ve always had the luxury of going my own way. the paris apartment’s always been so much fun cause i could use girly colors and fabrics and trims to make things i’d want to have myself. these trim swatches below didn’t make the cut but i just wanted a piece to take with me. guess i’ll always be a sucker for vintage trim that looks like icing on a cake, silk velvet ribbon and celadon green…anything!


anyway this new line is still everything i’d want myself, only the palette is more neutral. the flavor comes in the form of  texture, color and pattern.

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first of all we’re starting with hand finished frames using traditional patinas, colors and techniques.


the variety of tacks alone is a rabbit hole. combine it with using 3-4 fabrics, trim and paint and each piece gets pretty involved. and now’s the time to put it all together. i’m heading to high point this week to get to work.  in the meantime i’m creating work order sheets and preparing pics for the website so buyers can customize.


i probably shouldn’t share these before they’re finished.but i know we all enjoy the process and we’re all good friends here. plus i know you won’t judge me lol




i’m not saying these are set in stone but as aforementioned, each chair will have at least 3 fabric elements. a leather, a velvet or faux fur and  pattern.


not going too girly but the fluffy stuff will go on the chairs with frills,


and i’m trying out some of the same fabric on a more masculine chairs without so many curls. but all the frames are traditional french.




anyway these were some of the swatches i have at home. most are at the warehouse in HP already and i’ll see what it all really looks like together when i get there.


i’ll keep updating the progress. it seems like it helps when i blog actually


i guess i should mention that desirant is in asheville, nc and they’re very earthy. they like things woodsy and natural.img_0354.

so anyway that’s my story for tonight.




tomorrow i have to name them all and put each with its frame. i’m learning how to do it on photoshop but that’s another story.


tonight is about being content.


i think i can take it from here.


the rest should be a piece of cake! have a great night~

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it’s an obsession


hi there, dear friends, it’s that time again…practically midnight!

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i’m about to put a fork in this day but wanted to keep on keepin on since i’ve been on a roll the past couple of days and it’s fun to see the progress in my web ‘log’


today was spent in the warehouse digging through frames, cleaning them off and shooting each from every angle (front, side, back and 3/4) in an effort to show every position for the website which will allow the customer to really get a visual when choosing a frame.


as i was looking for an illustration just now i got sucked into the wonderful but time warping world of pinterest and found these gorgeous dissections of early french chairs.


it’s something that we absolutely take for granted but the lowly chair is elevated to super star status when you realize how much care, thought and history goes into each one!


(images here)

and the sheer variety of french alone… well, you’d have to be obsessed to obsess over them the way some of us do (are you with me)? but it’s obsession alone that gets any job done and it took till sun up till sundown but it’s done. so without further ado, ta da, the first step of the official first collection. i haven’t touched up the photos yet, just wanted to get them up and at em and out of my head tonight. They are similar but all very different, even the sizes but you can’t totally tell here. anyway let me know your thoughts, there’s more to come.

img_1903-copy img_2060img_1924-copy img_1944-copy img_2286img_2012-copyimg_2330img_2150img_2212img_2077    img_2126img_2191img_2237img_2256img_1985-copy  img_1997-copy         img_1964-copyimg_2170 img_2355img_2036-copyimg_2312  img_2044

et voila,  there are a few more but it’s a full 2 minutes before 12 and i am signing off! glad you’re here, sweet dreams~ xxoo

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gotta start somewhere


bonsoir mes amis, ça va? it’s close to midnight and what with it being a travel and full on work day, i daresay je suis un petit peu fatigué…


i made it to high point and met with local legend, william thorpe.


he’s kind of my hero cause he has warehouses and a showroom full of swirls and curls


both attached and freeflowing on everything from furniture to mirrors to lamps and cornices



if he finds a treasure he creates a mold so it lasts forever and can can be repeated in different applications.


he’s got legs and flowers and carved bands.


not everyone is as passionate about this as i am but with him i met my match.



just being in the workspace is so inspiring and my mind starts racing with ideas.


focusing is almost impossible!



but i’m determined to hone in and tomorrow choose chair frames that we’ll use for the first collection.



and we’ll be taking some trumeau mirrors to desirant in asheville.


but that’s a whole other story. for wednesday.


i guess some people are just soulmates, not in the romantic sense. more like undeniable kindred spirits.


anyway, that’s the roundup for today, it’s a process, that’s for sure, and i am happy to say, it’s a wrap! a demain~

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