the extraordinary in the ordinary

i die for the photos at they’re so simple but utterly compelling! thanks for stopping by carina, it’s great to meet you  :)

hey you, how’s your monday monday? this is a post about random comings and goings as they come up so indulge me while i prattle on about nothing in particular.  i’m in nyc otherwise would love to go to this furniture painting and finishes seminar at the dcota tomorrow. if you’re in south florida and go let me know!

i’d try to make it back but truth is i’m tired and way over traveling. i’ve taken more taxis, trains and planes than should be allowed in one lifetime and owe it to the planet to sit still for a minute.

when i get back to miami i’ll go thru the mountain of maison madness.

check out design sherpa for this contest they’re running. and enter to win tickets to paris and a bunch of other stuff!

I took this shot last week in Paris at the Bastille Antique Show.
An elderly vendor was selling exquisite linens and embroidery, and created traditional broderie, (handmade lace) between shoppers.
I found her to be completely spellbinding and inspiring in her dedication to an art that still lives because she does.
So much in the past was passed from generation to generation because someone took the time to show something to another.
If it’s not passed on, it’s lost. I wished I could learn from her.
I often walk by objects at the flea markets and marvel at the tools we no longer use but were crucial to modern day at the time.
These spools may have been something I’d just pass by at the next market if it weren’t for her, preserving a tradition and probably not even knowing that teaching the technique or not, she’s still passing along so much.

ok well i best jet back to work, my blog break is over pour le moment. bonne soiree!

September 13, 2010. DCOTA, Florida, Friends, Linens, Living, Photography. 8 comments.