an everyday obsession

good morning all! how’s your week shaping up? the girls and i are taking an early morning road trip and i have about minute to sit here for some quiet time and blog. between all the havoc lately it’s been hard to enjoy what’s happening.  i’m learning in my old age to not just stop to smell the flowers but really enjoy them. rearrange them, study them, photograph them. well my focus today isn’t really flowers but it’s some of the photos i found researching the book, this time on the bouquinistes of paris.

before these all ended up in the circular file i just wanted to post them. (i got most of these pics from wikipedia). when i’m in paris it never ceases to amaze me how we stroll the city like we’re the first ones there.

we look at so much of it as though it’s de rigeur but this tradition of sellig books along the seine has been going on every day since the 16th century.

with books becoming more and more rare it’s kind of comforting to know these sellers are here with precious cargo.

and that we share the same pleasures with our ancestors that we do today.

maybe in this fast changing world i just like tradition. and books are quiet volumes just waiting to be cracked open and enjoyed.

if you want to read about the history of ‘the only river in the world between two bookshelves’ check out wikipedia for a good start. ok this chariot is off! have a great day!

October 11, 2012. Books, Bouquinistes. 9 comments.