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6203241042_39307c2a11_b bonjour! coming to you today from the beautiful and now fully enjoyed and only semi explored jewel of a town, biarritz, france. this is a place i’d never been but fell madly in love with and could actually consider living in one day. magical, transformative, chic, serene, inspiring, healing, infinte in its own right and in all that surrounds it… elegance-3 it’s actually travel day and  i’m pressed for time and apologize for having to rush through yet another post. this one is a little image heavy because once again i got sucked into what what supposed to be a quick inspection of vintage photos of beach fashion in biarritz. well, opening that door led me to a magnificent (and time consuming) world of beauty with an introduction to photographers, artists and muses. fairchild-archive-biarritz-beach-suit-by-schiaparelli-february-1934 pleasurephotoroom-biarritz-beach-suit-by-schiaparelli i could talk about who’s who and what’s what but instead tried to add the links where i found the photos. they’re wonderful links and collections of  fashion,  lifestyle, creativity and the joie de vivre. they’re as interesting as some of the photos and i hope you click their links to enjoy an even deeper look into this chapter of the past. rppc-97

i’d been obsessed with an overview of the town since i heard we were coming. a history buff, i always wonder how it began, who put the first stake in the ground, how that could have happened with no real tools but pencil and paper, hard work and vision. 6202725575_821c9b56e9_b the deeper i dug today the more i learned about people, perseverance, beauty, photography and style and life. 400ddd953eacf88e2f187cff941a4c3b first of all, such a little can tell so much in a photograph

1276c361e84e03d618fc694954b2e441   4e6738b63a283afcde7cff637ab0fd15 37409155dad42a8bbb494dec15d7ee98 Chanel sports ensemble, ca. 1928 Design by Coco Chanel second of all, style is transcendent, whether city or beach, the following photos show how it’s done. i wish i could repack my bag and start over. i overpacked and have a new perspective on what i’ll bring traveling next time! tumblr_m6qxp0TgVk1qf6jy9o1_r1_500 seeberger+brothers+elegance+history+of+street+fashion   a302bbda7e3950d6081c288d899c60c7   5713210652_e512fe9bfd_o missmoss-the-seeberger-brothers 3e72408c953321ac1d76234bd937ce28 everyday-i-show.livejournal.com IMG_0817 retronaut.com 61eee14c289b3a4f76bb5654cf22180d

thirdly, there’s the master, Jacques Henri Lartigue – Casino de Biarritz 1918 i knew of him but have a new appreciaton for his attention to detail and simplicity.

Jacques-Henri-Lartigue1 08c4258816f40e1a4449f4578de14db0 please know that i’m not sure about every single photo and that the credits are completely correct but you can always use google images if you want to double check on some. Jacques-Henri-Lartigue-VO32-540x486

i was just eager to get them posted cause my egg timer is running out and so is the juice on my laptop. so from here i’ll just say i hope you enjoy this slice of life on the beach, my own camera was lost on the first day here so i really haven’t taken any photos. in a way i don’t mind cause these have really struck me. i’ll definitely look at shooting my own images in a new way once i get another real camera in my hands.

dc53e4aaa7ac95ecbf1d3e806a5d59d7     Jacques-Henri-Lartigue-540x1215 Jacques-Henri-Lartigue-1932-540x318 0de0b0a0498a357beb158bb780b4166d Everyday Life in France in the Early 1930s (21) vintag.es-amazing-photographs-of-everyday-life p53   810e3465b7d7f9dcf87ea3a5677c51ad pinterest.com/breton0489/jacques-henri-lartigue   p51 thelicentiate.com-the-seeberger-brothers-and-real-street-style Jacques-Henri-Lartigue-1927-540x269 boumbang.com/jacques-henri-lartigue f0b8c354bef6c829c141233e66a5817a Elegance: The Seeberger Brothers and the Birth of Fashion Photography seeberger5 messynessychic.com-birth-of-street-style tumblr_lsyr0z9lwA1qbeumgo1_400 c9b91f9f73ecb7ddf94702c60ef85497 everyday-i-show.livejournal.com Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 8.39.34 AM linedrybrand.wordpress.com/category/fashion-photography add5f1d1862b523c3ec5e80060925b94 11abd4c9dcfc9fa039ea83b5a85cf813 5ee40fa2d518e06377da6d4d7471a2b8 901d0e87d915a6bcfe56abc81100cca2 a208edc9ad0e083dbdf3fdc41d9e05b6 802f803221fb80d8c2fbd487090ef8a3   86f2dbf1a14e4c70712e924192fc1444 f2b5f5069b86be4aaf330341e501b994



Lili Damita – 1933 – Biarritz, France – Photo by the Seeberger Brothers beautifulsymmetry.wordpress.com/tag/seeberger-brothers   1934-deauville-seeberger-cape deauville-seeberger-bathrobes 1938-deauville-seeberger ritournelleblog.com-when-women-dressed-to-impress-on-the-beach-1930s Léon Gimpel - France (10) French Women, ca. 1920s (13) vintag.es-rare-and-stunning-color-portraits ARTS003629 c8ba701c6d27067ce85b762e99606416   aa0220601989179cd5a106bdc7261835 pinterest.com/haugaard012/jacques-henri-lartigue et alors, the time has come to go…our trip is on its last leg and we’re heading to london today. i hope to post from there but it’s been a whirwind and hard to sit down and fully focus on writing. i hope your summer is going well and that these photos were inspiring if you’re a photography buff. my wish is that  all of our photos with friends and family are ones to remember! bonne journée!

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puttin’ on biarritz


allo toute le monde! it’s travel day and we’re leaving paris in just a few minutes. it was supposed to be a surprise for my 50th birthday but i couldn’t help asking my dear old friend where we were heading next. when she told me the name of the hotel of course i had to google it and she’s about to kill me for falling down the rabbit hole digging into the history of our incredible next destination.



i’m rushing through this post to quickly publish before a). she throws me off the balcony and b). i see the hotel for myself. as a lover of history i can’t help but imagine what we’re about to see when it was just a concept, to think of the men and women who conceived of it and created it out of thin air. the place we’re heading is now a palace, has been called a villa, a hotel, a casino and home. so much fascinating history! i’m having to skim it and apologize for probably not documenting it properly but please enjoy a little history on the Hôtel du Palais in Biarritz.


The former imperial villa became an example of neo-Louis XIII-style palace. Towards 1854, the imperial couple bought acres of dunes he did develop the Dagueret engineer to create a domain with park, woods, meadows, vegetable garden, pond, outbuildings and summer residence. The work of the villa began in 1854, led by the architect Louis-Auguste and Bertrand Couvrechef inspector. On the death of Couvrechef in 1857, they continued under the direction of architect Ancelet and Inspector Oscar Tisnès. The villa had a long main building with three perpendicular wings, the last shorter than the others who formed a court of honor. In 1867, the villa was haussée one floor and transformed. On the death of the Emperor, the Empress Eugenie sold the estate in 1880 to the Bank of the Parisian Union. The villa was turned into a casino hotel. In 1903 a fire destroyed the building. The architect Edouard Niermans raised the hotel from its ruins. The program included the preservation of the exterior walls, creating three hundred rooms, apartments, lounges and a dining room. The ground floor has a large hall, a party room and a winter garden rotunda. Construction introduced the use of reinforced concrete and chaining between the preserved parts and the news.



Hotel du Palais has a spectacular location right above the beach of Biarritz (Grande Plage) with a view on the Atlantic Ocean, the Pyrenees and Spain.



1854: Construction of Villa Eugenie, summer home for the French Emperor Napoleon III and Emperess Eugenie. The architect is Hippolyte Durand, followed by Louis-Auguste Couvrechef.


The last French Empress, Eugenie, loved Biarritz vacationing as a child. After her marriage to Napoleon III in 1853, the couple spent the summer in Biarritz and in 1854 built a palace to house their court: The Villa Eugenie.



1855: Grand opening of the Villa – Napoleon III gives many hi profile receptions.

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 8.38.35 AM
1858: Portrait of the Emperess with view on the grande plage de Biarritz.


1873: Empress Eugenie inherits the Villa on the death of Napoleon III.

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 8.32.04 AM
1880: The Empress sells the Hotel to the Banque de l’Union Parisienne.

Villa Eugenie becomes the Palais Biarritz, a Casino Hotel.

1893: The Palace is renamed Hôtel du Palais and opens as a Palace Hotel.
Queen Victoria and Empress Siss of Austria are among the guests.


1903: February 1, A fire destroys the Hotel.



1903-1905: Reconstruction of the Hotel. The architect is Édouard-Jean Niermans.
The former walls of the Villa Eugenie are repaced by a Louis XIII style.



The salon imperial and the Retonde are added.

1915: Coco Chanel opens a Couture Salon on 2 avenue Edouard VII not far from the Hotel du Palais.

1920s: Biarritz is very fashionable and known as « queen of resorts and resort of Kings »

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 8.35.18 AM
1922: Bal du Second Empire given by King Alphonse III of Spain.

1950: Closing of the Hotel.
1954: To save the Hotel the city of Biarritz buys it.

1962: January 1, Foundation of Socomix, a company in charge of the Management of the Hotel,
partly owned by the city of Biarritz.

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 8.35.45 AM
1963: Jean Louis Lembacher arrives at the Hotel as receptionist.

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 8.31.53 AM

1991: Hotel du Palais decides to open all year.
Jean Louis Leimbacher becomes the director of the Hotel.
Didier Borota from the city of Biarritz pushes investments
to attract clients to come all year round.


1993: August 21, Ira von Fuerstenberg organizes the Windsor Ball.
The are more photographers than guests.

1993: December 24, Hotel du Palais gets listed as a Historic Monument.
1999: Duchess Rixa von Oldenburg organizes the very spectecular Bal de l’été.

2006: Opening of a 3000m2 Spa (the largest Spa in France)

2011: Mai 5, Hotel du Palais receives the new official Label « Palace ***** »
given by the French Ministy of Tourism to describe a new elite categorie of 5 Star Hotels in France.
Unlike Hotel du Palais not every French « Palace » is part of « Palace Hotels of the World.com« ,

2013: January, Hotel du Palais becomes part of Orient Express with a special status of beeing the very first Orient-Express Associate Hotels (a Hotel which is not owned by Orient Express).
2014: March 10, The « Orient Express » Hotels brand is rebaptised « Belmond ».



ok gotta go, it’s become an obsession and i’m about to miss our train…here are a couple more links if you’re interested!




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