bathed in blue

allo everyone! we made it through another week and now it’s smooth sailing straight into the weekend.  it was a pretty productive week over here, having help from liz was just the boost i needed to propel me forward. thank god for friends, even if you have to pay them! truth is, liz is a clothing stylist and when she has big jobs i work with her and vice versa. anyway today we put together designs for 14 pieces for the a/d show, made a book detailing the different upholstery techniques, fabrics and piping. i was having a mental block  getting organized but now am now serene instead of stressed.

i’m not sure how this post evolved, but all these pics are from pinterest once again (i’m sorry i didn’t label each one but you can find them on my boards at there’s so much to play with, pair up and ponder that i let it free flow, kind of rolled the dice i guess, and of all things, came up with beautiful blue bathrooms.

of course in design, there’s truly something for everyone. pour moi, i love the old school stuff but get that the modern (especially in a bath), is pretty great too, especially if it’s got a touch of old and new.

i’m not sure if this ‘mod’ bath below is so much more advanced in style and design than, say,  the one at the top but i give them an A for effort in originality. there’s a lot to be said for simplicity i guess and not having to clean the rock wall is an added bonus.

this one below kind of brings together old, new, rustic and mod.

ultimately, it’s kind of like goldilocks, you know which one fits you best. this one fits me just right! what about you?

well, c’est tout chere friends, i’m closing up early and am suddenly in the mood for a hot bath. have a great night!

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