took it to the limit

allo cheres amis, bonne dimanche. the weekend flew by and i’m sure lots got done but as usual it’s a lot of broad strokes over several projects. honing in on multiple platforms takes a lot of input and i’ve always been one to free flow. but that leaves me never knowing how much was really accomplished. over the weekend one of my besties talked about the freedom she found in putting a schedule in place. and it really resonated with me that simply taking an hour in the morning to do nothing but say, write, there couldn’t help but become a significant amount work stacked up over time. Each hour would be mapped out (and swapped around if i was so inclined…well maybe that’s not ok, i’ll have to check on that one…there i go already trying to go back to my free flow ways)!

anyway it’s worth a try. i’m sharing these louis icart pics tonight cause i’m finally going through my hard drive and realized that there’s sooo much i’ve saved over the years and i hate to keep these under wraps. i’m a media hoarder as you may know! i’d like to have a place to upload them. maybe pinterest or flicker. do you use fllicker? i know heck yeah you use pinterest! well, that’s it for my self-imposed blog time limit for tonight. have a beautiful nuit!

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it’s a fine line


hi guys how’s it going?

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 1.17.24 AM

it’s a july monday evening,  for some kids it’s a great summer full of carefree days and not thinking of much more than fun in the sun.


i’m taking some of that energy tonight and doing the things i enjoy, one of which as you may know, is being here.


not just cause i love you, but also cause it’s a journal and a record of this life o’ mine.

Old Hollywood Vanity - 1940sVogue

after all, it’s a web log, right?


lately it’s been fun to see posts on facebook from the past.  

tumblr_nxi32u4EsH1qmdtq1o1_1280 (1)

memories, events and feelings  would have been long forgotten.

Old Hollywood Vanity - 2935652629_b90b8a3fd6

it let’s you in on where you were at any moment.


this blog is 10 years old now, hard to believe.

sultanin_im_garten_serail Aved, Jacques-André-Joseph

funny it’s taken me this long to realize how powerful it can be to track yourself

.27 (1)

and what about that ol’ here and now?

Frances Courtenay, wife of William Courtenay, 1st Viscount Courtenay

well, today i wanted to share some images that have been piling up


i’m working on the new website and coming across what must be thousands of images.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 9.15.24 PM

as i was about to empty the recycle bin and realized that they are too pretty not to share. and that trash can really be treasure.


so in no particular order, and with no rhyme or reason, here are a few.


tumblr_mqohvbQvSf1soyzg6o1_1280 tumblr_monjbojHKB1stkzrqo1_500

    as i go through them i just see them as soul food. 











Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 10.30.05 PM  Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 9.56.33 PM  Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 9.50.37 PM  

and delish.


well i hope you enjoyed this trip to nowhere.


as for me, i’m about to start the night shift and get to making sense of all this fodder.


have a beautiful night and sweet, full moon dreams!


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a swinging love triangle


The Swing by Jean-Honoré Fragonard (1767)

good morning from bright and unusually cheery, sunny london. it’s been the kind of weather that forces one outside for hours and hours, strolling until you look at your watch and say, wow, it’s been 7 hours, where did the day go? it was that kind of day yesterday. with my travel companion under the weather i set out to get to know the city street by street and explore as much as possible. it was a magical day as always happens when you’re traveling, open to adventure and just and letting the universe guide you. it was filled with meeting shopkeepers, designers in their stores, gourmet noshes and stumbling on the most exquisite museum. it’s time to head out again so this will once again be short and sweet with just a quick share of the highlight of my day.


i stumbled on ‘The Wallace Collection’ in Hertford House at Manchester Square in the center of London by accident when wandering aimlessly. the stately home had a welcoming sign on the east side of the building that beckoned me forward with an inviting finger pointing ahead with the words, “Free Admission” on a flag with Fragonard’s famous painting, ‘The Swing’ on it. how could i resist?

London, Manchester Square, Hertford House - vintage photo - now the Wallace Collection Museum

it’s a beautiful old mansion that now houses the wallace family’s collection of art that moved from paris to london many years ago. the museum is magnificent, each room a vibrant color from emerald to colbat, ruby and eggplant. the collection of art is extensive from armor to rembrant to one of my obessions, artist Jean-Honoré Fragonard a wonderful french artist from the 1700s.

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 8.42.44 AM

i’ve been obsessed with ‘the swing’ for years and even used it in my book, The Paris Apartment, and on my website. we cut just a piece of it for the site though…the part that embodies what i hoped my company could aspire to…the classical french fantasy of a beautiful, delicate and playful life. i found all of this captured in the moment the woman frolicking on the swing kicks off her shoe in mid-air while between two suitors, laughing while wearing the most beautiful pink dress on a perfect day.



as i approached the image in real life i was surprised by its somewhat petite size, seen here in the center of the two larger images.


but to be in her presence was incroyable! i took detail shots and observed all the movement, color and joie de vivre that had captivated  me for so long.


the strangest thing though, was that what was framed was not the entire image. (look at the first image in this post and compare it to the one i shot on the wall). it’s a mystery i want to delve into but it will have to wait till i have a little more time to do some research.


apparently it’s inspired a lot of artists, designers and film makers as well over the years. google image search even revealed one of miss piggy!

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 8.58.34 AM

there are hundreds of interpretations like this one made from chain, located in paris, found here


Artist Philip Bradshaw


and this one in sculpture:

the two ladies in the video below have a wonderful conversation and lots of insight about the painting and french life, but since i’m in such a rush (everyone’s feeling better to day and raring to go)! didn’t get to watch all of it. hope you enjoy it and if you’re in london be sure to visit this beautfiul collection!

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