let’s eat cake


hi guys, what’s happening? for the past couple days i’ve been kind of whiny about working on you know what but thankfully it’s all over today and i’m finally free!


but my new lease on life is going to have to start tomorrow. three  hours in hnr block wore me just about out!

dressdesigndecor.blogspot.com via fromme-toyou.tumblr.com

so tonite i’m not getting creative, just taking the top search term which was ’18th century decorated walls.’


since i’m personally obsessed with gorgeous french paneling on walls,  i had to take the opportunity to toss out some pics to whoever it is that’s searching. to me these rooms are life sized cakes with creamy of frosting!

i love to share my passion for it


it can just be a door or frame


a panel



tone on tone






it’s a great form of expression that’s ever evolving and totally personal.

well, enjoy your night, i’m off to dreamlamd. see you there!

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the perfect portrait

standing by your mantle, being photographed as has long been tradition. but this time not like the days in gowns and jewels but ready to rock and roll. who knows what she’s about to do next. and this is one wall. for me the anticipation is better than the outcome! anyway i just came across her and couldn’t resist her charms.

if anyone knows who she is (there’s a name on the image and there’s a www in the bottom right corner. i’d look it up but we’re having guests in 1/2 an hour so i better split! have a fabulous saturday night!

February 6, 2011. Architecture. 12 comments.

les fleurs are en bloom

hi everybody, hope your week is in full swing and that everything is well in your world  :)

it’s funny when you go through your photos after a trip. this is the first i’ve really seen some of the shots around town. guess i still have my thing for window boxes and wish i had more but they were few and far between.

isn’t it your aesthetic obligation to have a flower box if you live in paris?

i must say, i was never a geranium fan, but am growing to love them for the way they respond to, well, light and water, the way they smell and surreal colors.

i guess i was practicing my long shot/tight shot skills. the palms were  a creative surprise. and probably really low maintainence!

sometimes the wide shot just doesn’t capture the happiness and pride the flowers seem to have.

i want to smoosh my face in them!

these were just moments, behind a door, in a park.

life is so lovely, hope you’re enjoying every moment of it with the ones you love! more soon, xc

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