journey vs destination

“Finish each day and be done with it before you begin the next.  Interpose a solid wall of sleep between the two. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in, forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day, you shall begin it well and serenely…”  Ralph Waldo Emerson 1803-1882

hi mes amis, ça va?

i’m sorry to have dropped out so fast for so long but i was possessed by a force beyond my control. i went on auto pilot in order to conserve energy and finish the show on a high note. that meant no technology and i was happy to be incommunicado after pretty long days.

luckily i’m finally reinvigorated as of today.  ny is a tough city and sapped everything i had and i wasn’t expecting that. i’m thrilled there’s nothing planned for the near future!

anyway i wanted to share some of the AD show (if you still care)! these shots are from the dining by design. it would be fun to do a vignette in this section next year.

sorry i don’t have the names of who’s who

my faux pas

this was donna karan, i remember that (above)

this was my fave

and ralph lauren (above)

the show was good, there was a lot going on

so many details!

i fell in love with some of the handmade furniture and wooden sculptures

oh and flipped for these geode tables! i’ll post the manufacturers when i go through everything. i’m doing one thing at a time these days. trying to focus and adjusting to a whole new perspective starting with working smarter not harder.

i love how you can put tiny objets on lucite cubes for instant fab collections

this macro art was gorgeous

i’m going thru my pics for the first time tonight so i’m just seeing all the shots too.  it ain’t the maison objet but it’s ours!

actually it’s a great show to do cause it’s easy to navigate and set up. having the right team made exhibiting almost bearable. thankfully it’s over and i am going to enjoy staying put for a while and honing that mundane i always complain about  :)

thanks again for all your support. i am going to come blog hopping and can’t wait to visit. for tonite i’m signing off. sweet dreams and tgif almost!

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the beginning of the end

happy sunday everyone. i had big plans to blog about the AD show and took a ton of pics but reality has set in. i’m officially beyond able to do anything but show up for the show and finish up. it’s been 9pm bedtime calls and 7am morning calls but still utter exhaustion.

these flowers were from the wholesale district the other day and are the only pics on my phone that seem remotely interesting. as for the show, there was plenty of hardware and ovens and a contest and lectures, and  it was a great experience but i couldn’t be happier it’s over today.

thanks to all of you who came by either in person or the blog, you make everything more fun! we start to break down tonight and into tomorrow thank god cause it was either the booth or me! i’m a bit of a brat who hates having a set schedule and actually better boogie to get there now, it’s almost time to open. have a fantastic weekend enjoying your freedom to do whatever you want and if you’re here please stop by #241 for some champagne!

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it’s showtime in the city

hi dear friends! i’m just getting home and see your wonderful well wishes and thank you so much for them! you saw me through a time of doubt and i’m forever gratefuful

we are finally able to enjoy the fruits of our labor and lounge around the booth carefree!

truth is, being in the booth is much harder than setting up

but only cause we are wearing heels. we still haven’t found time for manicures. we have to do that tomorrow! geez!

but we’re having a ball even if a bit exhausted and we had  a party all day.  tomorrow we break out the chocolate and champagne   :)

if you’re in town, please come by!

goofy good fun! oh it’s midnight and i’m officially going pumpkin. i don’t know if i’ll be back tomorrow cause i heard it’s a silent blogging day in a moment of silence for japan.

ok darlings, thank you again for my boost, i needed that!   tomorrow i’ll get out of the booth and cover some of the show to share with you. tonight, bonne nuit!

March 18, 2011. Architectural Digest Show, postaday2011. 36 comments.

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