so much has changed since this time last year


i read the title of this post on pinterest and thought how true it really was. for all of us! good morning everyone and happy saturday! we’re knee deep into autumn and  i was hoping for a hit of indian summer as i’m heading to nyc for a week. it’s just not going to happen so i’ll be a big girl and take on the cold without complaint and get into the spirit of the city.  the good thing about cold weather is being able to justify nesting (aka watching old movies and working from home. i think i’ll have to check out ‘rolled stockings’ below).


as much as i love my florida life, new york is like an old friend; familiar, unchanging, strong, welcoming, a veritable beacon of light, and of course, always ready to have a good time together. i’d really like to enjoy every minute of it absorbing all the energy and excitement it exudes.


no matter how the years go by there’s always such a glamour about new york and it never seems to fade. living there meant a lot of drudgery, trudging the streets with the days ending in utter exhaustion. but now it doesn’t have to be that way. things are different, i’m a visitor!  it would be great to get my head out of the way i used to see it and hit that reset button. maybe we could go to the theater?


or dip in and out of the chill to see some of the buildings that are usually passed by with no time to explore.  hit the met and the frick…and stay awhile!


new york was home for decades, now it seems so far away but as much as it changes every year, it stays the same in so many ways. we all just come through it and leave our own mark.


when i left it was because i was having a love/hate affair with the city. love that it was a never-ending source of surprise and delight. hate because there never seeemed to be any downtime to replenish and recharge.


i admire cities like new york, san fran, paris which were built so well, so beautifully functional, big worlds in (relatively) tiny spaces.  it’s time to explore and not fight it.  i’m hoping to take on the city to the fullest extent of the law!c060efc867a45cac21ae1c8a2860b3ac

it’s not like i’ll be shoveling snow any more! (one of the reasons i left was digging out my car each winter)


i love to think of the nyc’s past and those who put that first glittering stamp on it. it’s one of the reasons i fell in love and stayed under her spell for so long. despite the difficulties of winter and the work, work, work mentality, there is still a shine i always try to find in my search for a bit of old mixed in with the new.


i’ll bring my real camera everywhere and look for those magical moments when time stands still.



well it’s time to pack. i’m channeling these timeless fashion divas for a little warm and stylish inspiration.





fashion, cities, people, we all change. yet a city like new york remains unchanged in so many ways despite the hardships she’s weathered. something to ponder and a city to treasure. and it’s nice to know some things stay the same no matter the year, time or place. have a spectacular weekend!

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my brush with greatness

hi all! how’s your holiday weekend going? i hope you’re still playing until at tomorrow in celebration of another year’s hard work! it started as a dreary rainy day here but my clients and i braved the drizzle and hit the fleas first thing in the am. as usual we were rewarded with incroyable finds all day long. i guess my favorite was this original pen and ink drawing that was a fresh and chic as the day it was penned. (above and below). i couldn’t take my eyes off the detail and for only 20 euros it was a steal. one of my clients fell in love with it so of course, clients first! she ended up taking it home.

but first i did take a photo of it and when i got home googled the artist, rene vincent. turns out he was very active in paris in the 20s and drew ads for everything from cars to furniture that really captured slices of life at the time. i spent the past hour looking at his works and hope you enjoy them as much as i did. i’ll never have the the original (unless she wills it to me  :)  but if you click on the pics above you’ll see the remarkable and exacting detail of his work. it seems he was never really more than an ad man but to me he’s a true artiste! i guess that’s the beauty of the paris fleas, they’re a museum where you can take home priceless works of original art if you sift through papers and boxes. you just never know what you’ll find. digging is key!

i got a little obsessed with his work for a furniture store called au bucheron on rue de rivoli. his illustrations show a slice of life in a golden age. as a furniture lover it’s fun to see the many ways he depicts the pieces in everyday ways.

the artist in her studio

the happy couple shopping for the maison

an avant garde daybed

le armoire

le mirror

chic fabric

taking the dog for a promenade

is she reading madame’s diary?

the perfect place to pose

le shopping

packing for le voyage

at her husband’s office

help with the holiday meals

le foyer

the red heels, tres moderne

turns out he was best known for his car ads

and this we’ve all seen. kind of amazing he’s not more well known. at least not to me.

women were just getting their feet wet with a new independence, racing cars, changing tires…

ok yes, i romanticize the 20s but it was such a delicate and pretty time, despite all the bad times. but i guess that wasn’t till ’29 actually. well enough for tonight! the market is open again tomorrow and this time i hope to get something special for my collection. oh and i saw some things for you too and will have a fabulous giveaway tomorrow. see you then. sweet dreams and have a great day off!

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stuck in a groove

hi guys, how’s la vie? j’espère c’est en rose! it’s already the weekend and there’s a lot going on around here.  it’s time to decide about taking the store. turns out it wasn’t very hard to get and is a great opportunity. of course i hear the negative and lots of people are telling me not to do it. yes, it’s one more responsibility but the truth is that having a store type of place is something i’ve always enjoyed cause it can be a warehouse, showroom, office and workspace. i’m going in on it with a girlfriend who sews so that will be fun. plus i can do what i love which is travel and shop, restore and display. working on the web has been great for a few years and i don’t knock it, but i do love being around pieces that speak and  transforming them with paint or upholstery. sylvia beach and james joyce 1925

i started looking up shops that are legendary, and of course, shakespeare and co. in paris came up with this image of sylvia beach and james joyce so i’m tying the store into my post today which once again focuses on what i can’t get enough of right now, the great minds of the 1920s. hope you don’t mind another indulgence in this infinite era. i spent way too much time surfing just now but i liked it and hey, isn’t that why we blog?

i stumbled on to way too much but loved every minute of what i could save. bernice abbott by man ray 1921 peggy-guggenheim

reading up on so many great lives isadora duncan

writers, dancers, actresses Djuna_Barnes

can you believe this shot above is actually two well known women of the 20s, dunja barnes and solita solano? jean-rhys

i was looking for stores that were memorable (above was madeleine castaing’s and is now laudree).

photo by
via madeleine-castaing

i started looking into madeline and one thing led to another. so many amazing designers were cutting the edges at the time! i love the mirrored pieces of course, and the chevrons, the bold patterns and stripes.

Cecil Beaton’s sister, Baba in syrie maugham’s ‘party room’. syrie-maugham  glamour-syrie-maugham-all-white-rooms elsie-de-wolfe rose cummings gertrude lawrence

well, that’s enough from me today, i have to stop or i won’t ever work. or play! have a great day et nuit!

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