a fair to remember

happy monday! i’m just hitting the reset button and doing some research for the updated app. i want it to include markets and brocantes in and around paris as well as the outskirts, heck let’s face it, all over france.


i couldn’t help but stop to share this upcoming event. you know the story, one minute it’s humdrum work and with just one click and you’re in another world. click the link above to be transported for a minute and you’ll see what i mean. i won’t be in france in may but if you happen to be there may first, check out the fabulous goings on at CHÂTEAU-DE-CHAMBORD!

this looks like a show not to be missed…definitely a goal for next year! 450 dealers in this insane setting…click the link below for more eye candy.


ok back to work. have a great week!




April 24, 2017. Tags: , , . Antique Shopping, Antiques, Brocantes, France.


  1. Susanne replied:

    This definitely looks delicious. Thanks for posting!


  2. francetaste replied:

    After a weekend of brocantes, I am ready for more. I wish it weren’t so far.


  3. Shara Switala replied:

    I’m coming to Paris in sept. Are there any markets u should check out? Thanks

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  4. Sabrina Brown replied:

    OMG! A Broccante outside of Chambord? I don’t think it can get much better!…….Thank you for the pleasant distraction from these turbulent times — we can always count on you, Claudia!💜


  5. logan wilhelm replied:

    Paris is you though and through!


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