it’s gonna take some time

my sister in law jean took this shot when we went to paris together, just the two of us! we stayed in a gorgeous paris apartment called Cognac, in the Paris Perfect roster of fantastic flats. she turned me on to one king’s lane and i was hooked right in. fast forward i was buying as a tastemaker hosting a tag sale (which is why went on that trip). that sale led to escorting the owner to paris on a shopping excursion to the flea markets in paris and warehouses in the countryside, just beyond the city limits. nothing could have prepared us for the treasure trove my friend, stephan, (whose family is 3 generations in at the flea market) unveiled that weekend.

above is the plan for the annual trip. i had high hopes to go back this year and do a summer tour, maybe knock around without a plan for a bit while working on some projects. friends will be traveling too and it was bound to be a grand ‘ol time.

but then today happened. another attack in paris. my heart breaks for the the lives lost. and it also aches for lost days of innocence. the days we roamed without a care through the streets of gay paree. i’m sure paris has seen more than her share of tragedies and this pain too shall pass. so here and now i promise never to lose my  joie de vivre and eternal love i have for that city. no one will ever terrorize me into abandoning her, now more than ever.  sending all my love tonight. xo

April 21, 2017. Tags: , , . Paris, Paris Apartments, Paris Perfect.


  1. Sabrina Brown replied:

    It is so awful about the attacks in Paris. But Claudia, your blog, website, exquisite taste and passion for Paris remind us that Paris and France and the World are still wonderful, and while it is good to be smart about being safe, it is still important to take risks and do what you can to live one’s dreams. Thank you for all the beauty you bring to us!💝

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  2. Opinionated Man replied:

    My prayers.

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  3. Nancy Flemming replied:

    Auvoir du courage!
    Please keep us posted when the opportunity to travel with you as escort would be available.
    I go as often as possible to Paris, and will never tire of it.

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    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      True! And finally we have a literal use for the word inexhaustible.
      Nancy, I was thinking of going the month of June and into July. But I have friends renewing their vows in August. What about you?


  4. francetaste replied:

    You must remember the attacks in the ’90s by GIA. Paris survived then, and it will survive now.


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      You’d think so but i really don’t…anyway i guess people have muddled through bigger messes than these days of ours. Guess I’m not as tough as our grandparents were in WWI and II.

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