it’s an obsession


hi there, dear friends, it’s that time again…practically midnight!

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i’m about to put a fork in this day but wanted to keep on keepin on since i’ve been on a roll the past couple of days and it’s fun to see the progress in my web ‘log’


today was spent in the warehouse digging through frames, cleaning them off and shooting each from every angle (front, side, back and 3/4) in an effort to show every position for the website which will allow the customer to really get a visual when choosing a frame.


as i was looking for an illustration just now i got sucked into the wonderful but time warping world of pinterest and found these gorgeous dissections of early french chairs.


it’s something that we absolutely take for granted but the lowly chair is elevated to super star status when you realize how much care, thought and history goes into each one!


(images here)

and the sheer variety of french alone… well, you’d have to be obsessed to obsess over them the way some of us do (are you with me)? but it’s obsession alone that gets any job done and it took till sun up till sundown but it’s done. so without further ado, ta da, the first step of the official first collection. i haven’t touched up the photos yet, just wanted to get them up and at em and out of my head tonight. They are similar but all very different, even the sizes but you can’t totally tell here. anyway let me know your thoughts, there’s more to come.

img_1903-copy img_2060img_1924-copy img_1944-copy img_2286img_2012-copyimg_2330img_2150img_2212img_2077    img_2126img_2191img_2237img_2256img_1985-copy  img_1997-copy         img_1964-copyimg_2170 img_2355img_2036-copyimg_2312  img_2044

et voila,  there are a few more but it’s a full 2 minutes before 12 and i am signing off! glad you’re here, sweet dreams~ xxoo

November 16, 2016. Desirant, High Point, Manufacturing.


  1. Paul replied:

    So much work – the details and precision.


  2. francetaste replied:

    These are fantastic pictures–they really demonstrate the variety. Good luck with your business!


  3. Marleen Vogel replied:

    Exelant work you make!
    What is the price of those art?
    Send me a price list please?

    Kind Regards,
    Marleen Vogel.


  4. Frans Weusten replied:

    Waar zijn deze meubel frames te koop?


  5. Tamer Mohamed replied:


  6. Ioannis Segos replied:

    Excelent and detailed work! Congratulations!


  7. Sheila replied:

    Thank you for Educating me on my Favorite chairs.


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