the possibilities are endless


good morning! it’s noon (-ish) on monday and the week is fresh and new.


this week i’m shifting into high gear to see what i can accomplish.


still working on finalizing the styles for the chair line. there are just so many subtle differences and i need to narrow.


i have a chair maker who can create any frame we can imagine.


i’ve been going through the most universal styles, but there are a few that i haven’t seen around much and i’d love to revive.


trouble is i’m working with guys who may not think feminine furniture is as delicious a i (maybe we? do).


before i commit and get everyone on board, i just wanted to hear your thoughts. what kind of chairs, benches, sofas or chaises are you looking for?

images (1)

these are a few i pulled this morning, just wanted to post them since i want them all personally!


so let me ask you, how do you feel about cane?


are you still into vanity chairs?


slipper chairs? tufts?


carvings? we all know that women do most of the purchasing so i appreciate you weighing in so i can share your opinion with the gang.


by the by, i was sent a copy of a new book titled,  ‘amour provence’  by constance leisure.


i promised to host a giveaway, so if you’d like to throw your chapeau in the ring, just say so in the comments and we’ll draw on wednesday.


ok, signing off for a bit, have a wonderful week!

July 25, 2016. Furniture.


  1. Gae Nunes replied:

    I can see why you are having difficulty narrowing down chair and chaise styles. I love them all too!

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  2. Susanne replied:

    Love the first pink, the blue/green bergeres and the next two, and the cane! Green velvet settee is a favorite look. The cane-backed chair is wonderful (have been eyeing one in Paris) and yes, I’ve been looking for a vanity chair. Love two-tone upholstery and the carved chair, it’s gorgeous! And I love slipper chairs and tufts. I trust all of your instincts.

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    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      Hi Susanne, that was actually really helpful, noting the two-toned, the velvet fabric etc. I’m leaning toward making this a fun but traditional line using gorgeous fabric in new ways and you just helped me see that vision more clearly so i thank you!


  3. Liz replied:

    I love the cane shares . Not a fan of the tufted slipper chair . But love the day bed too ! So exciting
    Have a great productive week .
    Liz from San Diego

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  4. The Paris Apartment replied:

    Hi Liz, good to know, is it tufts in general or just on slipper chairs? I think we all need a daybed, don’t we!?


  5. elizabeth harris replied:

    I adore cane. I have some cane pieces, a love seat and chair in cane. The only problem is that we really don’t sit in them often because their not very loungy. Love your line, especially the chaise.

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  6. francetaste replied:

    I like cane for dining chairs (with cushioned seats!). I have a couple of lounge chairs that are very cool (style-wise and temp-wise) with woven rope that resembles cane. OK when it’s very hot and you don’t want to stick to the seat (they are from Africa) but otherwise not very comfy.
    It’s important for the chairs to be comfortable for their purpose. If the purpose is to sit correctly, like at a table, the seat is higher and the back is different from a chair for reading or watching TV–in which case I like to be able to put my feet up.

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  7. Deborah Achelles replied:

    Love this furniture range really beautiful for every room!
    Love the book too 📚

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  8. Faro replied:

    Like the club chair. Great for reading! Hint hint.

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  9. Cris replied:

    I’ve been lusting after the two chairs and ottoman sets that fit together. But antique sets are far beyond my means. I’d love to see what you come up with! I love the shape of the caned chairs but it would be great to see the frames filled with something sturdier / more comfortable.

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  10. debbir bodnar replied:

    love them all. giving great ideas for my new country French home that I have to completely redo/decorate. love the chairs and ottoman and club chairs for my new “hearth room” want warmth and comfort with the stone fireplace on the side of the kitchen.

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  11. dayle brenner-wild replied:

    oooh! So exciting – i love chairs! particularly the chartruese ones and the pink rose couch xo


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