peuple français reconnaît l’etre suprême et l’immortalité de l’âme


bonjour cheres amis, it’s taken me a few days to process what’s happened in nice on bastille day. the incomprehensible and heartbreaking reality have been almost too much to bear. but face it we must. i’m getting strength from my undying love for france, its people, strength and unity. in fact it’s caused me to look into the history of france and what the country stands for. it’s been yet another fascinating and enlightening dimension to understanding the resilience of these great people. one of their most important mottos is the above: god, people, law. so simple.


even for those who don’t believe in god, there’s an innate understanding that something greater than man is truly reigns and that the only way to rule is through the laws of reason and righteousness.


reading through their documents from 1789 Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, remember that our ancestors have faced so much in the past to get us here today, perhaps in the sweetest spot in all of eternity to date. so many brilliant minds were doing great things while fighting oppression, even in a time they called ‘the reign of terror’.  still the focus was on ‘liberty, equality and brotherhood’.


like most of us i want to see this horror end. i pray that we can live in peace and brotherhood. i often wonder what causes anyone to get up one day and decide to do horrible things. from history we know that there will always be struggle between men to dominate each other for whatever reason, it seems to be built into the human condition. all we can do is nurture each other and continue to bestow love and good will on ALL those whose paths we cross. we can’t change everyone but we can treat each other with dignity and kindness, and hope that our actions will ripple to the point where one day, everyone on earth will know what it is to love and be loved. sending prayers to our friends in france.

‘Any man aspires to liberty, to equality, but he can not achieve it without the assistance of other men, without fraternity.’


July 16, 2016. France, Nice.


  1. meterrilee replied:

    Well said. Yes, “all we need is love,” as sung by John Lennon and the Beatles. The excruciating reality is that many will never agree. Violence appears to be escalating everywhere. Horrific as that is, it may be the only way that SOME people get involved–when it hits them close to home. At some point, I don’t know when, we will either have to stand united and be strong globally, or be overcome by those who hate and have lost touch with their humanity. Sorry for the sermon. It has been such a shocking time…Florida, Texas, France…so many dead and so many people impacted by this violence and other tragedies around the globe. 😢

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  2. ghagen123 replied:

    Many prayers for the heartache felt in France, Orlando, and Texas. We will stand together and defeat these forces of evil! ❤️💛💚💙💜

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  3. francetaste replied:

    Though it increasingly looks like the guy in Nice is more like the one who shot up a movie theater in Colorado–i.e., a wacko rather than a determined terrorist–that doesn’t change the pain.

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