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good morning and happy monday. how are you doing? over here i’m still on the path of transformation and working on changing it up. as you know, it’s been a few months and i’ve tried everything from videos, to blogging to self assessment and philanthropy, focusing on figuring out a new direction. it’s finally paying off after the 6 month mark with your helpful friendship. you may ask how, so i’ll answer before you ask, that whether i heard directly from you or not, i know you’re there and that alone gave me the determination and strength not to throw in the towel when i was facing burnout at the 20+ year mark of the paris apartment’s anniversary. the new website will be launching soon and things are moving along quickly.


first i want to thank all of you who commented on the post about the chairs. i also wanted to let you know that it’s official, i’ll be working with desirant in asheville, nc to design a line of furniture! we’ll be making the pieces right here in the good old US of A using local craftsmen, painters and upholsterers to create unique pieces. i’m thinking that it would be fun to do a couple of different styles and have each represent those of you who commented. that said, i’d love your opinion on the styles we’ll use for starters. what do you think of these frames and would they be useful in your home? if so, how so? looking forward to hearing your valued opinion!

F25 F24

we’ll be using frames that are already available like the sofa above and these chaises,







F10 F12

desk chairs,

wf12 wf11

and honestly not sure about this one…do you think it’s just too much of a muchness?


along with these we’ll be creating pieces from some antiques and renderings i’ve been saving for years. more to come on that so let me know if you’re looking for anything in particular. if you get a chance, i’d like to help them get the word out about their store, brand and general existence. these are the links to their social media. would LOVE it if you joined in. if you do let me know which you’re most into socially…thanks again for being here, love you!

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  1. Liz C replied:

    These are really gorgeous! I would love it also if there were a service that provided these frames either bare like you show them here, or prepped for upholstery but not upholstered, for DIY fanatics like myself. :)

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    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      Hi Liz, Great idea! We will offer that service and you’ll have a choice of finishes from whitewashed to lacquer as well as fabric options.


  2. Dayle replied:

    Yay Claudia!!! I love these!! And I love this collaboration!! And yes, too muchness w the ones you are questioning! 👊👍🏆

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  3. Dianna Ivanov Luxury Investment Specialist replied:

    Wow, They are beautiful! Good Luck w the new line. I’ve been meaning to drop you a note. I see all the hard work you’re putting in to change things up and I can so relate! Don’t give up. It’s all coming! We’ve never met however your site so inspired me when I first started on Pinterest and still does. I am so busy and haven’t been on line recently for anything other than work so I haven’t been seeing everything I know you were committed to posting ever day.

    I wanted show my support and say DONT Quit! You have a unique and beautiful view of the world and so much to share that’s not found elsewhere. I imagine it is tough not seeing the SM results when you’re trying so hard.

    However I’m here to say Don’t Quit, we are watching and love what you do. All your hard work will pay off in ways you’ve never expected! Be Well Dianna Ivanov


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    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      That means a lot to me Diana. Funny how sometimes you feel like life’s the pits and then suddenly it’s a bowl of cherries! I appreciate that you’re here and your support. Pinterest is one of my obsessions. What’s yours, i’ll follow you!


  4. Logan Wilhelm replied:

    Like the chairs a lot, the “Muchness” is just that! Love hearing about your planned collaboration and always enjoy your blog and what you are up to. It is novel from my perspective to hear that someone is looking to re-focus and move in new directions. Best Wishes for every success and imagine that you will enjoy the journey!

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    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      I’m finally enjoying the process. Surrounded by strong people with strong opinions, feeling supported makes a lot of difference. I’ve been working on TPA for so long with interns, friends and partners here and there and ready to collaborate. Thanks for being here, Logan, love ya!


  5. Connie* replied:

    You are the perfect person to design a line of chairs. You have an innate sense of style. I’m so excited to see how it all turns out. Trust you instincts. They haven’t failed you yet.

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    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      What a wonderful vote of confidence, thanks Connie. I really appreciate that. I do have a passion for chairs in particular, I think a lot of us here do, don’t we? They are so full of personality and can be sort of Cocteau. I know one thing, and thanks for reminding me of it. I do have good instincts!


  6. francetaste replied:

    Glad you aren’t giving up!
    I think “Muchness” is a good name for a chair.
    Salivating over the chaises longues.

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    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      Ok, taking “muchness’ off the short list! How would you like to see the chaises done, traditionally or funky?

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      • francetaste replied:

        I’m a traditional type, but something like “Muchness” might be fun as an out-there, eye-grabbing piece.


  7. Liz replied:

    I love the last one in a weathered wood Grayish finish ooh delicious !

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  8. Laura Young replied:

    I think the entire line is beautiful. I even see the beauty
    in “Muchness”. There’s a place for it. I always
    enjoy your posts and look forward to seeing
    what’s next in your creative journey. Don’t
    quit. You are so talented and I love your

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    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      Thanks so much, Laura. It means a lot to me. So…now rethinking muchness but will leave it to those who can really appreciate it to maybe do it as a custom piece. I liked it simply because of it’s silly over the top ornateness and the fact that it’s hand carved and someone’s vision of folly from a pattern created so long ago…


  9. Mary Chisholm replied:

    The short armchair with curved armrests and scrolled fronts. Pictured outside after the chaises. I can see it as a confortable dressing chair. Shorter than a dinning chair. It would allow me to sit comfortably while pulling on my stockings and garter. Yes I do indulge myself in these luxuries.

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    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      Nothing makes me swoon more than hearing you’d be using your chair to pull on your stocking and garter! Tres boudoir! What finish, what fabric is it in your fantasy?


  10. resurgee replied:

    I see something in all of them. However, I’m looking for dining chairs. Love the chaises but alas no room.

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  11. ghagen123 replied:

    Beautiful! Congratulations and good luck!

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