are you a purist or a radical?

Louis XVI chairs:

allo there! how’s your summer going? we’re in full swing and it’s a time of sunshine and creativity. i’ve been working on a few different projects and would like to get your opinion on some of the things i’ve been contemplating. many of us have a passion for repurposing and also doing things with a twist. i’ve always loved furniture and see it as a canvas and a good way to find creativity in everything from emotion to self expression. today i’d like your take on mixing it up a little with chairs in particular. are you more of a traditionalist or do you see them as an object of playfulness? below are some favorites i’ve been collecting on pinterest. you can find them all here, specifically in the likes and pins: i’m curious to see what you think; whether they’re just trendy or could become the new classics, and which are your faves. so i ask you, are you a radical?

Arm/Side Chair - Eclectic with pop...have 2 for your dining the bright upholstery & painted backs!:

Needlepoint armchair. In.Sane. So gorgeous!:

mudcloth upholstery on gilt Louis:

interior design, home decor, furniture, seating, chairs, wood furniture, black, white, black and white, stripes, patterns, roy lichenstein, art:

Beach Arm Chair. Upholstering a chair coastal style:

love this...:

Patchwork chairs ♥:

digitally printed ultrasuede:


Carolyn Quartermain is a London-based designer and stylist! She designs beautiful fabrics made of silk and floaty chiffons in magical colors. I love how she mixes beautiful fabrics of vibrant pastels and gold combined with timeless antiques.:

stripes....accent chairs:

a purist,

Louis XVI chair:

Grey Chair ~ French:

LOVE everything about this.  I need that pillow.  The pillow is by Ralph Lauren.  Does anyone know the name of the bedding pattern?:

chair fabric:

antique chair:

Soothing and soft silver/grey fabric and aged patina. Love this chair.:

Love this old chair:

pink velvet french chair and a half!:

I found these at the Clignancourt market in Paris...still with the original fabric:

yellow and gold chairs:

Desk Chair (Fauteuil De Cabinet) /   Date:19th–20th century  Culture: French:


or somewhere in between?

beautiful french chair:

leopard chair:


Upholstered chair in Kimono-Bluemoon:


Purple velvet chair:

red striped chair:

Best chair EVER.:

~♥~♥~ French chair ~:

worn velvet:

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  1. resurgee replied:

    Definitely radical! I love classic styles with a twist; furniture, clothing,!
    As I get older and more confident, it’s easier to let it all hang out! My favs (right now) are the animal print and the african cloth chairs.

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    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      Totally agree with your take on it. I love putting opposites together, as you said, classic styles with a twist. Love it!


  2. Mari replied:

    First of all I want to say “Thank You” for such a fast-loading page. Second I like well-worn traditional with an occasional flash of pop art. Third I want to say I’m so sorry I ever threw out my lovely worn green velvet channel-back wing chair with cabriole legs. Je ne regrette rien is not true. There are some things I regret. But I don’t regret reading parisapartment ever.

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    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      Hi Mari, thank you for that~
      I soooo know what you mean. I too have memories of a chair that got away…


  3. meterrilee replied:

    I adore many of these! I’m definitely not a purist…I like to see creativity–the cartoon chair backs are quite creative, although my favorite is the one that looks like ocean and beach. That is simply gorgeous! I also like the black with white flower and the black and white stripes…both more formal in appearance. Very inspirational, these chairs! I currently have a very old, heavy rustic oak rocker that was upholstered in leather with studs. A unique heavy old piece. It stays out on my back porch here in Southern Oregon (covered porch). Rainy winters and hot, dry summers. At any rate, the leather is nearly gone and I’ve been trying to figure out what to reupholster it in…kind of bored with the idea of sunbrella fabric, but that would ensure a bit more life for outside. I would be delighted to get any suggestions. I have been considering antique grain sack, but not sure how it would hold up. Our house style and vibe is very rustic with New Orleans French Quarter flare. 😬 Many of the chairs you posted would be lovely here. Great post!

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    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      Hi Terri, your chair sounds like it’s got a lot of history behind it! I have a total vision of it. How about something unexpected but still natural like a batik or ikat on linen? By the way, I have some seen some new sunbrellas and they are a whole different ball game now. Let me know if you want to bat around ideas!

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  4. Penny replied:

    love all these!.. so creative!!

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  5. francetaste replied:

    Purist here. But I love to visit radical land. I am afraid I would get tired of the cleverness of radical in my own home. I don’t like to change things out–I want to buy nice, once, and keep it. So I’d rather go to a cafe with funky furniture, because they probably will change it more often than I would.

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    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      Interesting how every opinion has been covered here. I’m a bit like you, there’s nothing that thrills me more than a timeless chair.


  6. Janet Perry replied:

    I am an interior designer and LOVE the updated versions of these wonderful classics so we don’t feel like we are living in a museum. The originals are lovely, but the updated ones are new classics!

    Janet Perry Periwinkle Designs

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  7. The Paris Apartment replied:

    Hi Janet, it’s a fine line isn’t it? On one hand i’d love to live in a museum of sorts…the old patina paints on the frames and silk and trim on the chairs.
    But there is a time to freshen up and the the perfect opportunity to create new classics. I find leather does that really well…vibrant colors like coral or turquoise on a traditional French shape. One thing’s for sure about the comments above is that we agree it’s a fantastic way to combine two of our great loves in a creative way.


  8. Everyday Renee replied:

    If you knew me Im a little of both. Sometimes im a purist, other times Im a radical. All depends on my mood. That being said, I love all this chairs in this post. So many of them I would want in my house!!!!
    LOVE IT!

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  9. Mom replied:

    I like all of the chair frames. I am a little iffy about the last one, though. That said, sometimes a room enjoys a pop of whimsy. I have one or two faves. Great blog.

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  10. Stephanie replied:

    Exquisite work!

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  11. Charlsie replied:

    How can I get in touch with you???

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  12. Barbara Hagan replied:

    Love, love, love your designs!! Can’t get enough of these chairs!! Are they for sale? Where can I buy?


  13. Judy Coldwell replied:

    Definitely radical and love mixing paint colours, fabrics etc, most of these chairs we can get from one of our local brocantes. Fabulous to play with.
    Have to say there are many brilliant ideas out there and I love to collect them but … and this is a big BUT … there are some things/ideas that some people should have thought about not once, not twice but many times and then decided not to bother with. Fortunately there are so many great ideas that these can be overlooked.


  14. Fadhila replied:

    Beautiful, how can I buy?


  15. Jasmine Owens replied:

    U left me weak!


  16. Angela Brown replied:

    I think I’m a purist but I’m not sure!


  17. Peter replied:

    Wonderful, creative , stylish , stunning work , definitely my cup of tea , love them especially the bright bold colourful materials, I’m an old guy upholstery is my thing , and that is exactly how I’m going to express my craft in the future now I’m free to do so as not employed at this time through redundancy recently. Find all those pieces motivational and inspirational and fit well with my skill set .


  18. Anna replied:

    Hai, love all the great chairs! I’ve been looking for fabrics like the black one with the big white flower on it, can toulet me know where to find these kind of fabrics?? #desperate


  19. Minnie replied:

    I love to know where to find the fabric you use for your chairs


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