the timeless language of feminine fashion


Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess. – Edna Woolman Chase

bonjour toute le monde et bon weekend. how are you? i hope you’re doing well on this wintry february friday night. i want to apologize to those who were subscribed to the blog. i cut it off thinking that i was going to do a post a day and didn’t want to bombard anyone with that much info in the inbox. my idea has changed now though, i’m going to blog when inspired, not because of any self imposed ideal but because it makes me happy. that said, if you want to re-subscribe let me know in the comments and we’ll get you back up. in the meantime, i’ve been going through my possessions little by little, enjoying the process and taking time to study some of the wonderful treasures i’d forgotten about. on my last trip to the paris flea market (vanves to be exact), i fell in love with these old fashion plates. they date from the 1800s to the 1920s, and are fascinating capsules of a bygone era, a detailed glimpse into the lifestyles and tastes of women in the last century.


each card is dated and fitted with every detail of a woman’s outfit from the feathers in her hat to the fabrics of her frock.


the tiny flowers, beautiful silks and velvets were all taken into account when it came to fashion and the feminine mystique.


some even have perfume labels attached, a possible suggestion that all 5 senses were addressed when dressing


the little black lacy fabric in the upper left is one of my favorites and so is the vibrant and colorful ribbon above


i guess i just fell in love with the spirit of these grand dames


anyway i bought them to frame but then thought that it would be a shame to put them under glass when it’s so much more fascinating to touch and feel them, ponder their exquisite weaves and exquisite design. since i haven’t done them justice myself i think it would be best to pass them on to those who would appreciate them, so what better way than a giveaway?


in the next few days we’ll draw from the names in the comments and mail them out next week. if there’s a certain one you like best, let me know.


in the meantime, have a wonderful weekend!

February 20, 2016. Fashion, Fleamarkets, France, Giveaway, illustration, Marché aux Puces, Paris, Vanves Flea Market.


  1. Susanne replied:

    OMG, I never saw this kind of card at Vanves, how they are beautiful… I especially love the one from 1902 with the green Muguet sticker on the top right. Amazing attention to detail on these! They are all so perfect. I can see why you bought them, and I’m glad you did. :)

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  2. Chryle replied:

    Dearest Claudia~

    While I love the plates and thank you for sharing, I love so much more your idea to blog when inspired to do so and not for any other reason. Some how it just feels more right, more you. Whatever thinking it was that brought you to such an inspired inspiration, I hope it continues to bless you with more wisdom… and inspiration!

    Wishing you beauty of all sorts,

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  3. Annette M Fischer replied:

    Claudia, I love your blog. I have been following for awhile. I am very much into fashion and anything Paris.

    Hugs and Blessings,

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  4. Mary Pasiak replied:

    What a wonderful find! I just love the vintage clothing. I think I should of been in that era.

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  5. Sand Salt Moon replied:

    Oh, how I love these finds of yours and you’re giving away ~ I’d be honored to be a lucky recipient of such a gorgeous Parisian fashion plate! As an artist who would love to design textile designs professionally, these plates speak to me in volumes. And I’ve been to Paris but once with Paris du Jour ~ this would be like going a second time. xo

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  6. Janet Perry replied:

    Just so interesting and lovely. Would thoroughly enjoy having them for my studio.

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  7. Terri Simon replied:

    Wow! I have never seen anything like these before. What a great idea….storyboards for fashion! I absolutely adore the one with the black lace and blue and black striped fabric. I would pair those fabrics today…so classy! It was a fantastic find and it is amazing that you are going to give them away. ❤️
    Someday, I will go to the Paris flea markets (I will keep putting that intention out there and it will surely happen). I think framing is still appropriate for these…without the glass.

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  8. Fredrieka Ankele replied:

    Oh my, could you possibly print some copies (in particular, #1910)????
    I would so love to recreate that outfit, with lots of hand stitching and tender steam pressing and then hang it on a beautiful handmade satin and velvet hanger! And of course wear it on appropriate occasions!
    Please, please, please make copies!
    Fredi in Fort Worth

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  9. Fredrieka Ankele replied:

    That would be the 1910 with the lady in the suit and very large hat, which you’ve posted just next to the great comment on being haunted by what we didn’t buy! Thanks!
    Oh yes, I forgot to say: the original plate would be fine, too!!!

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  10. Melissa replied:

    I love that last one! Those colors are what I would wear – black and white with a pop of green. So glad to see your post. I’ve been missing your daily videos, but understand how time consuming a daily post would be. This one was worth the wait. I’ve never seen cards like that before and would love to have one of my own. Hope you are enjoying your weekend!!!

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  11. Beth Rickert-Kinsey replied:

    Claudia – I have been following your journey with interest, I’ve been going through a bit of one myself this year. I’m happy you have decided (for now) to continue the videos. It helps to inspire me to see you continue – even after some days where you thought you might not, so thanks! I love the fashion plates, they’re lovely. Wonderful to see the colors and patterns. I’ve been collecting theater actress postcards from the turn of the century lately. The detail,creativity, jewels and ornamentation from the period – amazing!

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  12. Mia replied:

    Danke für diese wundervollen Dinge! Ich habe noch nie solche Karten gesehen und ganz aufmerksam und begeistert habe ich sie betrachtet. Am besten gefällt mir die drittvorletzte Karte mit den beiden Damen. Wie wundervoll muß es sein, diese Karten in der Hand zu haben und sie zu betrachten und zwar jedes Detail! Ich finde solche Sachen wunderbar und danke für den post. Alles Gute und einen lieben Gruß von


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  13. francetaste replied:

    These are so fun. Isn’t it amazing what you can find at brocantes? I am eager for the vide grenier season to begin–France doesn’t allow garage or yard sales (and most people in town don’t have garages or yards). So organizations (football teams, schools, etc.) line up “vide greniers”–“empty the attic”–where people can pay a few euros for so many meters of display space and then haul their goods to a massive group garage sale. They are tons of fun, and you can find really off-beat stuff that literally has come out of somebody’s attic or basement.

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  14. Cecilia Löfholm replied:

    So Beautiful and fun! I’ve never seen cards like this. And I agree that you shouldn’t put them under glass. I would love to have them, on a shelf in my new Walk-in that we are building.

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  15. Janice Dauksch replied:

    I love them all
    I haven’t ever seen anything like them
    I understand why you wouldn’t want to frame them however I would keep them out on a table to see and touch
    they are wonderful


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  16. Nicky Foster replied:

    Claudia, I love the plates they are so beautiful. You should only blog when inspired, that is what is should be about, not delivering on a timeline. I enjoy you blog very much. Thank you.

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  17. Lorraine replied:

    The cards are stunningly beautiful! So generous of you to decide to share them – !

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  18. Sarah replied:

    Absolutely Gorgeous! I love the fact they include not only the drawings, but swatches as well. Thanks so much for sharing! I once was able to go to a Paris flea market, but found nothing like this! Please add me to your newsletter.
    Thanks, Sarah

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  19. kat replied:

    Hi Claudia, I just stopped by, I miss your posts, even if I am busy, I take time to read and ponder. Glad you are not putting so much pressure on yourself, do what you feel, when you feel it, right? me too! lol Anyway love these beautiful pieces, maybe I’ve missed the giveaway, I am sometimes a day late! haha, so sign me up for the giveaway please and also back to getting your lovely wonderful inspiring posts when you do them! I get blog-blocked sometimes myself, like for the past 6 months to a year! oh my! Anyway, I am posting again myself, so stop by for a visit, you may get a laugh or three because I think I’ve lost my mind! :) hugs to you, Kat =^.^=

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  20. Linnea Nilsson replied:

    “Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess. – Edna Woolman Chase” So true! Just read a short article on style in How to Spend It about Iris Apfel and her style.
    I love the first picture and I really enjoy your blog. I got my first home interior book at 9 and it was your The Paris Apartment. It still brings me joy!
    Best, Linnea

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  21. Bella replied:

    I have just discovered your blog and would love to subscribe💕

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