the art of the smudge


allo et bon weekend! i hope your saturday night is in full swing and you’re doing whatever makes you happy. it’s day 33 of the challenge to turn my business (and overall) life  around. at the same time i vowed  to do something each day to improve my home but today was busy so the easy answer was to do something simple. in fact i pretty much phoned it in thinking lighting a smudge stick was a quick way to clear the energy and freshen up the space. truth is a trip to google images for a shot or two of smudgers revealed enough info for thesis! in fact the practice goes really deep and is not something to be taken lightly. below are some of the beautiful images, techniques and philosophies of the tradition.  i think i may have to do it again, this time with a sense of purpose.  (above image via


Make your own: If you are using herbs and plants that you have harvested, you should dry them in the sun after bundling for a few days to prevent mold.

For smudge sticks use all natural fiber strings since they will be burned and you don’t want any toxic residue in the smoke.

1) Make sure the clippings are all the same length. Arrange them in a bundle and begin wrapping the string around them.

2) Begin winding the string tightly around the bottom of the stick. Start moving upwards but you wont need as much string as you do.

3) You can use a criss cross method to keep the herbs and flowers in place. Tie it in  knot when done.

4) For decorative ones you can also use some burlap to wrap around the bottom of the flowers.

above info via the local



Traditional Smudging Tools via circle of light

Abalone Shell – represents the water element
Feather – represents the air element
Sage – represents the Earth Element
Fire – represents the Fire Element
Smoke – (the result of all of these elements together) represents Akasha, Soul, Spirit, Energy
Traditional Smudging Tools


The use of smudge is so versatile and is really only limited by your imagination. Smudging is an important spiritual practice that can help you stay positive and bring good energies into your home and your life. For maximum benefits it should be approached like a sacred sacrament. Purity of intent is the most important factor in smudging. Hold your smudge and the smudging bowl sacred and treat them with respect always, and you will be rewarded with blessings and good vibrations!


so there you have it. the articles cited just skimmed the surface but made me realize that it’s important to do even the smallest act with attention, intention, and love. have a suite nuit!

February 7, 2016. the paris apartment project, TPA Project.


  1. replied:

    Have you ever heard of smudging??

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  2. The Paris Apartment replied:

    yes i have a smudge stick but never really thought about putting super strong intention behind the ritual


  3. Sharon replied:

    Thank you I am just learning about smudging,hope to learn more


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