tools of the trade


sitting with my parents and uncle steve in the kitchen an hour before we leave for the party and i’ve been going through pinterest while we chat. it’s led to this little compilation of crochet, lace, embroidery and handiwork. i feel like we’re in a sewing circle without the sewing.


so many cultures centered around perfecting these skills and passing them on to generation after generation of women


it would be such an amazing skill to have…my mom is talented in this way but i’m a bull in a china shop with this stuff


but appreciating it has always been my forte


today i came across some old pieces mom has kept over the years that my great grandma made


and it got me thinking of how versions of these crafts come in an out of fashion


and i wonder, is this a lost art in a way?


if we did want to learn the techniques, where is it taught?


kind of hard to comprehend how these skills were developed over the centuries out of thin air


especially when you study the exquisite details involved


i love to use find hankies like these, they make the perfect gift and can be used to wipe your glasses or phone today


pinterest always leads to multiple paths and this one veered off into doilies


many of us come across them at flea markets and antique stores with admiration but don’t know how to put them to good use


these are some creative ways they’ve been upcycled


this shade makes pretty patterns when the bulb is lit


and curtains let the sun stream in making pretty designs


they went all out in this room


but a little goes a long way


even  just celebrating them in the smallest way like this…ok party time!

images found here and here

January 30, 2016. Broderie, Linens, paris apartment project, the paris apartment project.

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  1. Susan Neal replied:

    Wow, love, love it!


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