fragments of life


allo! i’m having technical difficulties tonight… the internet is intermittent and i’m getting this post up between freezes


i’ve been going through my pinterest boards and even with the delay in the ether, always find them so inspiring. inspiring to the point where it’s hard to focus on one topic this evening


so this is just a little log of some of the pics pinned over the years to my ‘stuff i like’ board where all the photos can be found with their credits.


in honor of the fragmentation, i’m sharing fragments of beauty


and kind of enjoying the fact that it doesn’t always take much to say a lot. sweet dreams~



January 28, 2016. the paris apartment project, TPA Project.

One Comment

  1. Lisa Palazzolo replied:

    I loved the video for day 23… Well all of them. But this one speaks to my heart. I’m in process of developing my business plan. I’m similar to you… I love to hunt, collect, discover. Flip side is that I love to organize. I’ve had a business for almost 20 years called ‘Simplify’. I go and help people organize their home. With that comes beautifying their home. I’ve really let the business go for various reasons (divorce, grandkids life) and really want to get it back. I’m appreciating your posts. You’re authentication and dedication. It’s inspiring.


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