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ooohh la la day 21. three weeks in and what’s changed? hmm, well it’s not always pretty but starting to observe my daily habits, patterns, rituals, indulgences, weaknesses…and strengths has at least been enlightening. getting here is a commitment that has not been easy. it would be so much easier to shut down right now but here i am. 1 point for that. hi guys, how’s your night? it’s almost midnight so i have to push publish to stay on track so with one quick edit here goes nothin…just wanted to enjoy tonight and not dwell on what isn’t but rather focus on what is. just sharing what’s come across my screen in the past 24 hours, to remember have fun and not be so focused on an end result. sometimes you just need to surf and play to get inspired and remember what ya love to do, right?  for me it’s always been working with my hands and my head. in fact i wanted to be an archaeologist…

chateau g


South of France volunteers appreciated at our B&B  –


13th century house with 11 bedroooms!


5 Castles For Sale You Could Buy RIGHT NOW


Castle Renovation, Construction & Social Work in France


guess we’ll see what tomorrow brings. for now, have a great night whatever you’re up to!

January 26, 2016. the paris apartment project, TPA Project.

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