smelling the flowers


sometimes you just need to stop and smell the roses. or peonies as the case may be (source).  i read a long time ago that you can activate your DNA to basically re-live past memories, highs, lows, and senses from simply remembering the emotional feeling and physical sensation (it especially works when you want chocolate cake but don’t wanna do the deed). so if you love peonies, take a whiff and feel the petals brush your face. hi everyone, ça va? once again making this short and sweet cause i’m hungry and ready to step away from the tech after being on for much too much of the day. before i rush off though, just want to say how humbled and happy i am that you’re here. yes, you. have a beautiful night~

January 22, 2016. the paris apartment project, TPA Project.


  1. Chryle replied:

    Dearest Claudia~

    I’m sitting here, listening, a bit belatedly, to King’s College A Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols, enjoying a cup of tea, eating my daily portion of dark chocolate, reading The Paris Apartment… and your blog post shows up in my Inbox… with a gorgeous photo of some voluptuous peonies. Synchronicity? I think not. ;)

    One of the lenses I view life through is “Does it serve me?” I try not to do things that don’t serve me. One of them is judging myself so harshly or rigidly. Some days just showing up is enough. More than enough. Had you not shown up today, you could not have shared yourself and the beautiful peonies with us. I, for one, am happy and very appreciative that you did. Thank you.

    I remember orientation for business school. One of the professors that welcomed us reminded us that our program was a marathon… not a sprint; and that if we treated it like a sprint, we would undoubtedly burn out and fall flat on our faces, unlikely unable to get up and continue. Surely you think of your TPA Project as a marathon and not a sprint??

    Wishing you good running weather,


  2. Dayle replied:

    I want to say how humbled and happy I am that YOU’RE here CS – Thank you💗


  3. MJH DesignArts replied:

    I love the focus on connecting and connections. To me that’s where life enters a sacred space. Thanks for sharing this adventure. Following has been spirit opening for me and things are moving. xoxo Mary


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