time to unwind


allo, how are you c’est soir? i sure hope you’re warm and cozy. it’s even chilly in southern florida! i’m popping in and out as it’s 10:30pm and i’d like to shut my brain down soon.

this morning i got up two hours earlier than normal and had a ton done by 2pm. then liz and i ditched school for the rest of the day and took another exploratory drive up north, this time through some little towns within an hour’s trek,  just to see what’s out there without having to move 3 hours away. when i got in the car she started talking about a website that just came to her about a marketplace. (she’s the anti-tech so that in itself was strange, and she hasn’t read or seen this blog challenge so that really threw me).  as you know i’ve been thinking about creating a new website for charity and working with our blog/webby community to do it. so when she said her idea was to have a multi vendor/listing site where you swap stuff out with others on the site, i took it as a sign that it could be a good jump off point.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 9.57.37 PM

we played around with some ideas and thought a membership fee could be $1 (which would go to charity), and anyone can list things they’d like to trade with other members.  if the item doesn’t trade out by a certain time it’ll be donated to the charity of the member’s choice. still playing around with ideas but i’d love to know if it’s something you’d be interested in discussing or participating in. odd too, cause i made this video just before she picked me up:

uggg…if my parents watch this they’ll slay me for my endless ummmm’s in the video tonight and egads, actually probably all of them, i haven’t looked.  it’s been one of their pet peeves all my life. i realized after watching today’s just now that i have not been editing myself at all, just free falling and probably not casting the best light on myself but hey, this is just stream of consciousness so, somehow i can’t sweat that.  ok well, i’m officially off to la la land…have a great and good night!

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 9.54.00 PM


January 21, 2016. the paris apartment project, TPA Project.


  1. Chryle replied:

    Dearest Claudia~

    Now that is one perfect segue: from “stream of consciousness” to “la la land!!” I love it!

    I trust no one is expecting your TPA Project videos to be perfectly scripted, shot, or edited. Then again, it seems to me that that is exactly what they are. ;)

    It also seems to me you’ve got some serious Law of Attraction in action going on! I’m a big fan of brainstorming, especially when the first – and only – rule is no filtering! I’m loving your thinking and ideas… and looking forward to more more more….

    Loving the process,


    • Chryle replied:

      p.s. I absolutely adore your flying Super Kid!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The Paris Apartment replied:

    hi chryle, isn’t that kid the epitome of free falling? thanks for the tip about “no filtering”. i think that’s where it’s easy to get tripped up believing that there’s a right and wrong way to self discovery. that’s definitely something i want to be aware of so i don’t censor when it comes to brainstorming and just thinking in general.


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