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hey guys, how’s your weekend going? it’s mid january and the pull to slack is calling but i did want to get here and keep the momentum. if you’re still here i want to say thanks you tell you how much i appreciate your comments, suggestions and camaraderie.


so what’s been happening today, day 5 of this challenge? hmmm.  i was going to say not much but that’s not true. in fact i think we underestimate all we do in a day. if nothing else, this experiment has me see what each day’s brought. after organizing my office the other day, i got tough and decided to curate and edit with an iron fist. what didn’t make the cut went to the living room where i had an impromptu estate sale on craigslist today. sadly my chandelier was sold but then again, i’d love to chandelier shop. it’s like getting a new piece of jewelry and there is so much vintage out there. (did i just create a reason for a pinterest break)?  ahhh that was fun. and it made me start a new board for lighting just now:

d25f0f1694697fa59f87633fa8d16bcea620bd3ad449434b64bebf867aeeeea84c295292e9a2d9c0c55fddfaa6dc3812b5a49fe87a71d783b10e8fdc81e9bda501c4842f71a663bfa19b07dacb3b35f6 947ad8cf3f6ec09009367115e7073900

c5c29e05d8d05795d99a1f8669eb832a (1)

this is probably the most fab cause of its story: the chandeliers are made from recycled paper clay and by women with HIV, empowering them with skills and confidence.


ok, you’re probably gonna think i’m all over the map with no clear vision and maybe that’s part of my…i don’t want to say problem cause that’s negative so let’s just say roadblock. having worked for myself for the past couple decades i’ve had the luxury of indulging in broad strokes of exploration into everything from manufacturing, app development, traveling, selling and writing. while those strokes have been entertaining and helped TPA  grow, it was hard to maintain all the spinning plates so some have been neglected.


for example, it’s been 20 years since The Paris Apartment, Romantic Decor on a Flea Market Budget was published and it’s now officially out of print (although still available on amazon). i think that was another reason for this burnout phase. it’s going to take time and money to purchase the galleys and have a publisher reprint it. if i had it my way i’d change the cover and have a celebration. but it’s 7k to get the pages from the publisher.


well, one thing we always have is the ability to create something new, right? with that in mind i pulled out some of notes and manuscripts that have been boxed up for years. the follow-up to the paris apartment has been written for a while we but never photographed the apartments and homes to go with it.  i met with a photographer yesterday who agreed to do it starting with liz, keni and the gang down here. if you’re thinking of giving your boudoir a makeover let me know. this note came in today so i took it as a sign. maybe this time next year there will be another book finished. either way it will be fun to get back in the saddle and collaborate on some before and afters with friends old and new. this is my kind of gal. the pics are some of her inspiration:

Hello Claudia,  I was googling and using pintrest using search words such as Marie Antionette, french budiors, french bedrooms, and have seen sooo many beautiful inspirations.  The room I have that I want redone, is to be a office/boudior.  I want to have a desk, either a bookshelf or something to put all my books, a vanity to get ready, do makeup and hair, and I need some type of piece of furniture to put lingeret, pocketbooks, makeup, hair dryer and stuff to be put away and organized.  I would also like to either put a chair or very small couch for a guest.  The room is small it’s 11 by 11.

87585731_XSScreen Shot 2016-01-09 at 9.14.03 PMeae5fa97-b98f-440d-97a3-6230e2476a3a

356df014-e869-46c8-a7ba-7a5bda8f062c Marie-Antoinette-kirsten-dunst-96139_900_550907834348_a889347357_z

how could i resist?

et alors, not to go on and on, voilà, behold the video for today. not sure why i wanted to do one each day during the project, especially when i look like such a psycho but c’est la vie, i’m doing it.

ok, that’s it, it’s saturday night at 10pm. that means anything could happen. i have to go find out what. have a great night!

January 10, 2016. the paris apartment project, TPA Project.


  1. Chryle replied:

    Dearest Claudia~

    Chandeliers??!! Seriously??!! I was with a friend today, cruising around a very cool antique store. We were talking about chandeliers because the store had some awesome Art Deco lamps and chandelier fixtures. Actually, we’d been talking about things you could do with old chandeliers besides keeping them as chandeliers. That conversation was borne of some cool lamp / chandeliers I’d seen on Pinterest (nothing like a good tea and Pinterest break!) that had been transformed into a variety of different things. Very, very cool! Very enlightening. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) Thank you for sharing. ;)

    Given you are in the “exploratory” stage, I could only imagine you being “all over the map” – any place else would seem silly to me at this point.

    Oh, I love the idea of you doing another book! Lucky us.

    I hope you are enjoying your well deserved play this night! And I’m looking forward to Day 6.


    • Chryle replied:

      Hey Claudia~

      I saw this on Pinterest and had to share…

      Hoping your Day 6 is going well,

      Liked by 1 person

    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      Hi Chryle, I love the idea of embellishing chandeliers with natural stones, extra crystals and stuff like that. it’s been great having you along for this ride, I’m really enjoy your insight.


      • Chryle replied:

        Dearest Claudia~

        I am so so glad to be along for this ride! And so appreciative that you invited us along!

        I think I’m going to be embellishing my hum-drum dining room chandelier. Actually, I feel a bit silly. I’ve hated it for 15 years… and it never, not once, occurred to me to do something with it other than replace it until I saw this post from you and started cruising Pinterest! Me thinks you are not only not alone on this journey, but you are really not alone on this journey – I, for one, have expanded so much already in my own way about my own things. Your community already was and is now changing and growing into something new. Cool, huh??!! I bet you never thought you’d pick up hitchhikers on your journey, did you? ;)

        Here’s to 360 days of fantastical exploration,


  2. Logan Wilhelm replied:

    keep it up…enjoying the rhetoric and your inspiring pictures and those in the comments section. My style has greatly evolved over the years and is not very French, but more along the lines of being outdoors with a cabin with a rustic vibe. Actually, I love both, but hard to combine. Learning is what your process is about and I’m on-board!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kristin replied:

    Hi Claudia, I found your blog years ago and bookmarked and must admit, it and a couple of others are my guilty pleasure early Sunday mornings when the rest of my family is sleeping and the house is quiet. I’m impressed with your self-made challenge. Although I don’t own my own business (I’m a teacher) I, too, am up for some changes this year. I think it has something to do with our similar ages and the realization of life’s most important priorities. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for the years of feeding my love affair with all things Parisian- I travel there with our youngest in June (her first time!) — and I wish you the best on your inspirational journey. I awoke early and totally put away all things Christmas and now my living room and kitchen sparkle~ it’s a good feeling~ and now I’m having coffee with you and have read and watched each day. Bon chance!! xox Kristin

    Liked by 2 people

    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      Hi Kristin, so nice to meet you. What a thrill to be a guilty pleasure! I know you and your daughter are going to have a ball. I’d love to hear all about it!


  4. Karena Albert replied:

    Claudia I am amazed at where your journey is taking you, like pulling out the manuscripts and the vision board! I just put one together for the new year and will keep adding to it. It is great to see you on video.

    The Arts by Karena
    Life Lessons: So Honored!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      Yes, wasn’t that something? carrying them around while i moved and everything. funny thing is it’s only on paper now, not on the computer anymore so it will have to be retyped. thank god i had the hard copies or it all would be lost to the ether…note to self…!


  5. fawnthomas replied:

    A vision board… need to google and create one… general idea of what it is. Thanks for all of the great ideas

    Liked by 1 person

  6. MJH DesignArts replied:

    Yep. Still here. I like “fulfill the obligation to myself”–I’m learning (finally) that I am important enough to be true to me–I’m responsible to everyone else. But it has to be me first. Thanks for making this journey. xoxo Mary


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