we’ll always have paris



allo my dear friends. i write tonight with a heavy heart after the events of yesterday. the only comfort is in knowing that we all share our sorrow, but that’s little comfort as the last thing i want you to know is any sadness in life. that said, with tragedy comes change and with change comes hope. my hope is that although we won’t ever understand the hows and whys of this senseless tragedy, that we don’t lose our joie de vivre. that we continue to believe in the best parts of life, the magic, the miracles and the mysteries that paris has given us. those who lost their lives yesterday will no doubt live on as we look into who they were and what they were doing. i often think that a life no matter how brief or long is a message to those of us who remain. and athough these lives were cut short, they will live on. over the coming weeks we’ll remember them here, pay tribute to them, and be sure in knowing their deaths will not be in vain.

please know how much i love and treasure you all.

November 14, 2015. France, Paris.


  1. Mom replied:

    A truly lovely tribute to those who were lost yesterday.

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  2. Nancy Flemming replied:

    The incredible strength and pride that absolutely bursts from Parisians when they have been attacked, both recently, and throughout their history,is truly touching and inspiring. We just returned from three weeks in France, and I am filled with grief for them today. We truly are at war with medieval thought versus what we have as a modern culture, created. I am sickened by the barbarity of these attacks.

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  3. Marsha replied:

    The entire world shares your sorrow & shock. Today we are all French in our hearts & minds .
    Sending love from Houston…

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  4. Candi Duncan replied:

    So well said, blessings and grace on Paris.


  5. Lisa replied:

    Sending love and prayers from California. Saddened and sickened by this act of terrorism.


  6. joannyr replied:

    This was an incomprehensible act, .with a heavy heart I pray for all the victims and the people of France. May their joy of life be restored.

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  7. Dayle replied:

    Love u too Claude xoxox


  8. Valerie, NZ replied:

    “We’ll always have Paris.” Beautifully quoted.
    Prayers and kind thoughts.


  9. Lisa replied:

    Such a tragedy… my heart goes out to those families and friends who lost a loved one. Prayers and love from Utah.


  10. Darina replied:

    Well said! My thoughts are with you! Prayers and love from Holland! xx


  11. Faith boggio replied:

    Prayers for France and the rest of the World!


  12. themagicblackbook replied:

    This is a truly beautiful tribute, powerful and poignant. With love from London xxx


  13. lisa plante replied:

    many thoughts and prayers sent your way…


  14. Maryanne Flaherty replied:

    Well said my friend.xo


  15. Karena Albert replied:

    Dear Claudia, Thoughts and prayers and asking everyone to spread love and kindness to overcome the hatred in the world!


  16. MJH DesignArts replied:

    Thank you. Yes, my heart goes out to all of France. Mary


  17. Merillion replied:

    And you must know that we all love you, Claudia. Your post is beautiful.

    Also, I hope that all of you will look at my blog post (“For Paris” – it, too, is
    very special – not because of me, but because of what it is).


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