l’art, l’amour et l’heure du cocktail


bonjour, allo, santé et tchin tchin. hi all, how’s your fall unfolding? i love when the weather gets that crisp fresh feeling and the air has just the slightest chill. not to rush the season and look too far ahead but it’s that time of year when we naturally start to hibernate and nest a little. for many of us that means entertaining and although i’m not a big drinker, i’ve been thinking about putting a bar together for the impending festivities. i got inspired when i heard from my friend and colleague, doni belau. she’s the editor and brilliant mind behind a girl’s guide to paris and has just released a fantastic book titled ‘Paris Cocktails’. she’s offered to host a giveaway here today on the blog so if you’re interested, you can either purchase a copy at the link above or enter your name in the comments and we’ll announce the winner next week.


all images on pinterest.com/parisapartment/bars


there’s something about the history of alcohol that has a hint of glamour and mystery to it and looking into it for this post led to a laundry list of its origns in early france. from the aperitif to wines, champagnes and liqueurs, the ways to inebriate ourselves seem infinite. the french alone were responsible for absynthe, anisette, bénédictine, cognac, chambord, cointreau, coffee liqueur, pastis, triple sec, crème de menthe, chardonnay, cabernet and dubonnet.


lots of great old books have been written on the subject of mixing, blending and inventing new concoctions over the years and some were even banned during prohibition. hard to believe that times could have been so very different and to think that it was actually illegal at one point to possess alcohol, punishable by imprisonment!


Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 9.21.56 PMIMG_70599XXX_8696_1329171897_1k

as a lightweight, i don’t really indulge but do love the whole culture from the bottles to the barware. below are some of the ways creative people have used traditional bar carts as well as some innovative alternatives.


using a brass shelving unit allows for overhead lighting, and glass doors showcase pretty glass and unique decanters


using an old steamer trunk lets you pack it up when not in use


just a simple woven tray on a glass top table wth a few accents adds instant sophistication


who woulda thought?


any cabinet can be mirrored on the inside for a glam look that closes up tight.


a makeshift bar on a dresser for impromptu parties


and even a petite half table can make a luxe statement


the options are as endless and varied as the designers who are inspired to raise the bar




i think i could live with this one very happily. a lot of thought has been given to the subject and just digging around a little bit was an absolutely beautiful dive into this tiny table that packs such a punch. below are a couple dissections of what it takes to put one of these bad boys together:




so…to celebrate Doni’s new book hailing the cocktail culture, leave your name and email in the comments to be entered to win.

From the publisher: Bring the romance and elegance of Paris into your home with cocktail recipes from leading French mixologists and the signature drink recipes of Parisian hot spots. More than just a cocktail book, Paris Cocktails celebrates the art of drinking like the French, with entertaining tips for throwing a perfectly Parisian cocktail party, revelations on the latest trends in French mixology, reviews of the best bars in both America and Paris where you can find the true French cocktail experience, and musings from French and non-French alike who have mastered the art of French drinking.



et alors, let’s wrap it up with a big French toast, a vôtre santé!

October 18, 2015. Books, Cocktails, Decorating, Doni Belau, Girls Guide to Paris, Paris.


  1. Emma Mitchell replied:

    I would love to be entered to win this book!


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    Another beauty of a post! Thank you.
    I too would like to be entered for the book.
    Love, Marilyn

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  3. Project 432 Paris replied:

    This book I’d like to win, so please do… count me in :D


  4. Deborah Achelles replied:

    I am in the swing for a gin sling and I will bring some bling ringa ding ding


  5. fledgling designer replied:

    What a great post! I would love to see this book on my bar cart!


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    Loving this post :-) please enter me in the competition to win the book


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    J’adore Paris and sip cocktails.


  8. Faith boggio replied:

    Love this post. What fantastic ideas for small bars! Love it! faithboggio@gmail.com


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    I just returned from Paris, my third trip in four years. I love, love, love Paris! Please enter me in for this amazing book.

    Best regards,


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    don’t forget meee…would love to win!!!


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    Great posting, as usual.


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    I will get to Paris someday, this is a must!


  13. Mama Muse Me replied:

    I’m not much of a drinker either, but I do enjoy a cocktail once in awhile. I loved your post + thought the photos you chose were gorgeous! The “Giggle Water” book cover is funny.


  14. Ruth Sklar replied:

    I would love to own this book!


  15. Angela Christine Stiles replied:

    I would love to win the book. :)


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    Please, Please, Please! Love Cocktails almost as much as I love Paris.


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    I would love to be entered to win this book! Inspiring post!


  18. resurgee replied:

    I love the whole cocktail culture. Im not a constant cocktailer but i do go through my phases!


  19. Lori Forwe replied:

    Awesome post! Lovely pictures as always. The book sounds so charming. Would love to have it :]


  20. Pamela Timmermans replied:

    I would love to win this book. Setting up a bar
    area in my new French inspired home.


  21. SandyHibbard replied:

    Reblogged this on Saturday Soul and commented:
    I love the mystique and nostalgia of the cocktail, here is a great article by the Paris Apartment, enjoy!


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    What a great post! Enjoyed all the photos, including the vintage shot. Please count me in to win the book! Thanks.


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    Lovely images on this post. Perfect inspiration to improve our own Chinese cabinet. Just in time for my birthday later this month. A votre sante.


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    I would love a copy of this book!


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    I would love to win this Paris Cocktail Book – love the ideas on bars mixed with this book – perfect cocktail !


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    Bring on the Holidays! Bar is set just need the book.


  28. Natalie Matos replied:

    Looks like a great book for our bar, can’t wait to read it :D


  29. Robin McGraw replied:

    I’m new here, and intrigued with the book give-a-way. Count me in! But even if I don’t win, I’ll be back.


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