expectation vs reality: what to wear in paris


good evening guys, well i guess it’s officially morning now since it’s about 2:30am. i’m leaving for paris in the morning and have been tying up all the endless loose ends. i’ll be away for about 3 weeks so there’s a lot to do and packing has been something i postponed till the last minute, thinking i had that, at least, down pat. normally i’m a pretty goood packer but for some reason this trip i seem to be suffering from over-packing syndrome and can’t seem to get it together. my bag must be 60 lbs already! i’ll be in the city and then down south so that means a really varied wardrobe from casual to chic. paris is a city that even in summer makes you want to represent as far as style. it asks you to bust out your sunday best and yet wear it as casually as possible. i’d love to be one of those great street style gals but now am thinking, what really makes the outfit? it’s not the quantity, that’s for sure. before i zip my bag i wanted to give it one last edit so i took a stroll thru my pinterest style board just now. heck, pinterest is practically my very own closet, since i’ve been saving dream looks to it for a year or more. thought i’d share a little of what i discovered just now about paring down some of the bulk in my suitcase, and going from aspirational to attainable. these first photos are sort of inspiration and the second set is what i may be able to pull off. should have done this days ago. sigh. well if you’re traveling, hope this helps!


i’m not going to a ball. even if there is one i won’t be neededing a ballgown, or stillettos. not that i’m packing quite that crazy but i may have some fancy stuff i don’t need to bring…


i do wish i had a super cool jacket from somewhere exotic and will keep my eye out for one.


it would be great to have a perfect white shirt with frenchie details


a little black dress with sleeves is chic. and the heels are great, but mine would have gotten stuck in that train track behind her. murphy’s law.


blazers set a tone, like you’ve really got it all together, even with just a white tee underneath. i’d better pull out a couple even though it’s june…the forecast is pretty chilly and now that i think about it, didn’t even pack one


she’s super chic and simple in a white tank and skirt with skinny belt


and these airport looks are glam but i think flats and loose clothes are the way to go to relax, eat and sleep


a white skirt is chic, whether it’s long or short and so is a long sleeve black shirt


paris is the place to play with fashion and push design boundaries


the perfect LBD is a must


of course, so is being ready for anything which in this case means having the right accessories…glasses and a good bag


it would be so much fun to be these glam girls but now reality is setting in…



wait, actually yes i do have something to wear…in fact i probably have some version of all those things. and i didn’t pack any of them! where’s my black tank?



i have a hat and glasses, i’ll restart with that.


and pull out my long sleeve black top and stretchy skirt


and long white skirt


and ballet flats


i have a khaki dress, that can stay


and a clutch, watch, bracelet



comfort is key, maybe i should pack my converse after all



and i said no to my jean shorts but maybe one pair would  be oka39f0ea714030428baccea1e13aa0ba5



do i have a black blouse? no but i can fudge that



i do have white shorts, so easy to wear with white or a dark shirt. stick with solids.


white tops


a simple white tanks look great under anything


and i do have a couple white tops of course


a tank, a button down…funny that NoNe of this is what i packed.



well i do have a boho bag like this


white jeans, check


dark blazer, wide belt, v neck tee


colorful blazer


and where is my LBD?





jackets…have them…didn’t pack em


but…my mom sent me some vintage scarves she’s had since the 70s so i’m definitely bringing those. ok it’s official. i’m about to go unpack and hit the reset button.


my new rule when i put anything in the suitcase now will be the kiss principle…keep it simple.


and lighten up! thanks for letting me work it out…good night!


June 9, 2015. Fashion, France, Life, Paris, Paris Trip.


  1. Karena Albert replied:

    Claudia I have no doubt you will ave it all perfectly together for Paris! Have a great trip!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Jackson Pollock

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    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      Thanks, Karena, you’re always in my corner! It’s travel day and i lost my luggage and got it back already. I tried to edit this morning but ended up adding more than deleting and this bag is wayyyy too heavy! Hoping that using up the lotion and shampoo will help lighten it by the time i leave…


  2. Nancy Flemming replied:

    One of the best, most practical articles ever! I am going for 3 weeks as well and I have all the basics and always feel inadequate about packing! Thanks!

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    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      Hi Nancy, I’m so happy to hear that…you know how you see all those cool posts about packing 10 essentials etc…i wanted to do something like that but glad this worked for you, makes me feel really good even though I’m personally still all over the place with the editing…not my forte!


  3. Teddee Grace replied:

    This was really fun! I didn’t realize we’d come full circle on the scarf thing. I’m 71 and all those scarf ideas are old hat to me. I’m new again! Knew I’d been saving some of my best scarves all these years for some reason!

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    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      Hey Teddee, great to hear from you! You’re in my mom’s generation, the girls who invented so many cool looks from the micro mini to the art of the scarf. My mom had these perfectly folded, i guess she was waiting till I’d appreciate them before offering them up, and she says they’re on loan!


  4. PEGGY BRASWELL replied:

    such fun + have a great time.xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

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    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      Hi Peggy, hope all is well in your world! I promise to have fun and will be reporting as much as possible!


  5. Sissy Williams replied:

    Have as much fun as you can possibly have, and then have some more!

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    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      SOOOO ready to get this party started but 9 hours later i’m still in Newark…trying to keep a stiff upper lip and know that good things are on the way, thanks for the reminder, Sissy! At least I’m wearing a blazer, comfy loose top, skirt and flats!


  6. Tracy replied:

    Reblogged this on READ TRACY REED.

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  7. Tracy replied:

    Great post. Like the tip on searching Pinterest for what to wear packing ideas.

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  8. Lori Forwe replied:

    Beautiful pics!!! U hv exquisite taste. Hope u hv a great trip :)

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  9. Nuryba replied:

    This was really fun!. Nice pics!


  10. ANN replied:

    These looked like great choices! How did it work out and what did you forget?


  11. Kel replied:

    Black tee, white tee, dark denim skinnies, white skinnies, jean shorts, white button down, chambray button down, black tank, LBD, jean jacket, converse, ballerina flats, black stilettos, black maxi skirt, pearls, a few scarves. I go for a month in July and always buy one good piece at Galleries Lafayette since everything is on sale. Have fun!


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  13. 結婚式にお呼ばれしたら・・・ベージュのドレスを着こなしてみよう♡ - 結婚式とパーティーのスタイルマガジン replied:

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